Greensburg Before

Greensburg before EF5 tornado struck.

Greensburg after.

Greensburg after EF5 tornado struck.

Notice that the swimming pool in the upper right is empty in the after photo.

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  1. Ryan says:

    As for “smartalixs'” quote “Wheres the National Guard” comment… All I have to say is the 134th Air Control Squadron was there the next morning establishing communications and starting to organize the situation. Check your facts before you attempt to use this situation for your ignorant political soapbox.

  2. A person says:

    Poor people…

    I hope another diasaster like this won’t happen,
    but things happen.

    I hope all that are dead are mourned

    And the injured heal from the horrible tornado.

  3. mostofyouarestupid says:

    you are all fucking stupid. how dare you insult these poor people who lost everything including loved ones. put yourself in that situation and see how funny it is then! do you have children? imagine them being destroyed by a tornado. you don’t like that do you.

  4. Kassimoe says:

    I feel bad for all of the people in Greensburg. I live in Iowa and so far my house hasn’t ever gotten hit by a tornado but I have been through lots of tornado sirens and if a tornado is close by it can be scary. Also to the people who say to build houses out of the way of tornadoes, that’s really hard to do because tornado don’t stay in a certain spot they can move anywhere.
    On discovery channel there is a new show called Planet Green. It’s about rebuilding Greensburg into a “green” town. I saw and there is like nothing left and it’s sad.

  5. kansan says:

    im appauled at the ignorance! you dont know if trailors were present in this town, i live an hour from greensburg and it was a beautiful town! what a shame you make fun of an event such as this where people lost their lives and loved ones, and everything they owned…gone with in minutes and no where to go. people with ignorance levels such of some of these posters should realize that this could happen to anyone, anywhere.

  6. says:

    i am amazed at how foolish most of you sound. with the exception of the people from Kansas. for one thing, “you should not have built houses in the path of tornado’s. they shouldn’t get any help from the government” wow. never talk again kid. tornado’s DON’T HAVE PATHS. thats one reason why they are so dangerous, they can turn on a damn dime. when ever it so pleases. and as for the idea that its their fault for living in tornado alley? if we didn’t occupy tornado alley we would be only HALF the country we are now.tornado’s are completely unpredictable when they touch down. they go where-ever they please. I’ve seen one touchdown on a school, pick up, move over an apartment building w/o touching it, only to destroy another building on the other side. pick up a book sometime and learn something, fool.

    so don’t blame us on not being prepared. WE KNOW how to deal with these storms. you don’t see us running around begging for help from the government. we are taking care or shit on our own and if anyone wants to help we will accept it. we don’t ask for handouts, so don’t make it seem like we do. on that note i personally appreciate any donations you have made in the past.

    and NO kansas is not full of trailers. i am amazed at some of your arrogance. if you ever came down to kansas you would be treated with respect and courtesy; until, that is, you started talking like this. then we’d take you outside. i’m truly disgusted.

  7. Another Kansan says:

    Wow… do you people realize what the crap you are saying? To username “…”, thank you very much. Honestly. I grew up about an hour away from Greensburg. We have tornadoes all the time. And YES… they truly are unpredictable! There have been tornadoes in freakin Florida… they can come down anywhere!

    I also had family that lived in Greensburg. Thank the Lord that none of them got hurt or died (but even if they did, they would be in a heck of a lot better place!). That was honestly one of the hardest things that I have ever experienced. God doesn’t hate Greensburg… things happen for a reason. This isn’t Heaven, people. It’s Earth where people’s sin has corrupted everything. This tornado was a testament of strength. And you know what? The people of Greensburg are still hopeful and building right back. Way to go, fellow Kansans!

  8. yupp says:



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