Hog hoax

As you can see, the tree markings change dramatically between pictures, and there is absolutely no doubt that the image has been manipulated.

Big hog
                The original picture distributed on the internet.

True perspective

Natural-perspective picture (seemingly untouched) with a more realistic relationship between the sizes of the hunter and feral hog

Compare the two photos above. It’s pretty obvious that the relationship between the size of the boy and hog is dramatically different. For many more photos and explanations click here.
It’s next to impossible to get away with photoshopping like this with all of the photographic experts on the web.

  1. Mark T. says:

    I knew this one was fishy as soon as the homepage was trying to sell me junk without providing any more info on the pig.

    They fooled a lot of people. That photo ran in a bunch of reputable newspapers.

    Thanks for the photoshop breakdown expose!

  2. BubbaRay says:

    This is just an amazing article (thanks for the link, Hop, it’s a great read).

    Who in the heck would involve an 11 year old boy in such a hoax? That must teach real values to a child. This entire family and friends deserve the quantum signature series Ultimate King Kahuna Moron Award — they can each have their own.

    [Now hanging head in shame for bringing this mess to the attention of JCD in the first place]

  3. sdf says:

    hehe – this was a stinker from the beginning.

  4. BubbaRay says:

    #4, This is what the internet is made for.

    I guess it has devolved to this point (go, spam), but I don’t think DARPA and BBN had this in mind. Something about “a fool and his money are soon parted” rings a bell.

    Just my 2 cents (2 new gold dollars) worth.

  5. Mr. Fusion says:

    I think the lesson is:

    The bigger the claim, the more intense the scrutiny for altered pictures.

    In this case though, because the pictures have been shown to be fraudulent, how much else is fraudulent. Is it even possible for a feral pig to grow that large?

    Since the original story was posted I understand the Natural Resources people are investigating the domestic raising of hogs and releasing them as feral. A pig won’t grow that large by its own, especially on a 1,000 acre game farm.

  6. Jim says:

    Yeah right! It is SOOOO EZ to tell that the original Pix.was modified by photo manipulation software. Open your eyes. It is so obvious!


  7. ijsbrand says:

    @#6, wasn’t there a story that this particular hog was named Fred? Since it was indeed raised on a farm, and recognized by the previous owner?

  8. steelcobra says:

    That kid is pretty big though. The S&W .500 he’s holding is a freaking monster-sized hand cannon, but looks like a Colt SAA (sizewise) in his hand.

  9. OhForTheLoveOf says:

    Its nice that this has been debunked.

    What’s amazing is that it needed to be. Didn’t everyone know it was fake the second they saw it?

  10. RBG says:

    Actually, this whole thing has been a pretty good story given the outcome above. My hat off to the detectives. Wish it had been me.

    I don’t remember where, but I watched an interview with the dad & boy, an you would not believe how sincere they presented themselves. Add the corroboration and revelation from the original farmer that he had actually raised the over-sized pig… Perhaps this pig, even in its real size, might be considered to be huge, prompting some useful comments.


  11. hhopper says:

    Yeah Bubba, this was a poor lesson for a young boy. He now knows how to con people and cheat to make money.

  12. Mike Joh says:

    It wasn’t even a feral pig. It was raised on a neighboring farm like any other hog and moved to the 150 acre fenced pasture 3 days before somebody killed it. This is the state of “Big Game” hunting in the world today. Isn’t it pathetic how desperate these people are to feel like macho men who can put the bacon on the table. About as significant as buying the bacon and then claiming it was killed after a dangerous hunt (in a fenced pasture). These trophy hunters give me a rash and are in general a bunch of pathetic pussies masquerading as macho men.

  13. Jeanne says:

    After hearing about how the boy chased this farm-raised pig for three hours, shooting it multiple times, until it finally died from fear / exhaustion / exsanguination, and after hearing about how the boy and his father so easily lied afterwards, I don’t think I would feel bad at all if something similar happened to the kid.

  14. David says:

    May I be the first to say,


  15. BdgBill says:

    #14 Well Said!

    I read this too. The farmer that raised him said the pigs name was “Fred” and that he loved contact with people and was very tame.

    Although I see the neccesity of hunting certain animals to keep populations down (and not in front of my car), most hunters seem to be creepy thrill killers.

    I have seen numerous articles in Maine newspapaers about people who shoot moose and then leave them to rot in the forest. Not to mention all the stories about “big game hunters” that shoot fenced or chained animals.

    Oh – and the internet controlled gun that was set up supposedly so that disabled people may also know the wonderful experience of killing an innocent animal for no reason.

    My favorite aspect of hunting is the stories that come out every year about drunken idiots who shoot each other or themselves – always entertaining!

  16. Demian says:

    Teaching a child values or something or so his website claimed. Where I’m from shooting a semi-tame animal ELEVEN times is not teaching a child to hunt, it’s teaching him to kill.

  17. natefrog says:

    #15: Somehow I never believed that “hefty” of a kid could have chased a hog for three hours straight. Consequently, I don’t think the kid would be able to run from a hungry hungry cannibal for three hours straight…

  18. Mr. Fusion says:

    #19, Nate,

    I dunno, some of those pigs can run pretty fast for short distances. You know, like to the bathroom or into the kitchen during commercials.

  19. Dan says:

    My friend Conor emailed this link to me. I think he’s studpid for doing so.

  20. maxie says:

    he iz a pretty big kid

  21. Bamchug says:

    No, I’m sorry. I believe this is a true story. While calling the kid a “hog” is a bit rude, I do think he clocks in somewhere around 1,000 pounds. Not a bad pig he shot, either.

  22. I think the hog is real but the kid is faked…

  23. Tim W. says:

    I heard they made six hundred pounds of sausage from that kid.

  24. Nick (halo4432) says:

    Also it has been discovered that he had the boar fattened up and then he tortured it to death. Apparently he has gotten loads of death threats and 800 people want his arrest worldwide. This was really a bad idea in my taste :/

  25. Evan says:

    I knew it was fake. my friend said it was real and also his dad did

  26. juan says:

    Did he died?

  27. Bern says:

    Hmmm I wouldn’t be sad if he did die.

    An eye for an eye…….

  28. Sad Mann says:

    You are a sad man.


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