Or at the very least, the bank lacks the technical expertise to correctly install software. Either way, it’s kind of scary.

  1. ECA says:

    Dont you Love groups that USE trialware??

  2. gquaglia says:

    I think it scarier that an ATM uses Windows PERIOD.

  3. Jägermeister says:



  4. ECA says:

    Thats Easy..
    Use something NON-Standard, Un-known, with better security.
    How many companies use GWBasic?? STILL…
    Most resturants, Pasts house’s, Small and large shops, BECUASE its cheap and easy to program.

    Something that ISNT in every home…Is more stable…And can RECOVER from a failure.

  5. Adiman says:

    It’s not pirated software… it’s just not activated…
    Still… a good laugh 🙂

  6. Bob says:

    Your years many ATM’s have all used OS2. I am not aware of any compromise to that software on an ATM. It looks like after the first of the year all major vendors will only offer Windows versions of their ATM’s. A Diebold machine has already been compromised by a virus. My understanding is that this was transmitted via a jump drive. So I guess you could say anyone with that kind of access is a risk anyway. Typically only the vault area of an ATM is secure. Hood keys and access to the areas of an ATM outside the vault have little or no control on them. Companies will need to move their electronics inside the vault or change the design and control over the machine in general.

  7. OvenMaster says:

    Whoa, very weird. I have a local supermarket chain that uses Windows 2000 on their self-checkout stands. I was so shocked to see a W2k splash screen and login screen when the stand suddenly shut down and rebooted while I was in the middle of checking out my groceries!

  8. Peter Rodwell says:

    For years I ran a company producing software for ATMs based on DOS. Yep, good old MS-DOS. The rest was our proprietary software that we sold to a large number of banks and ATM manufacturers in North America and Europe. Each sale involved extremely rigorous testing by the client, the placing of our source code in escrow, etc, etc. It now looks as though standards have been lowered somewhat…

  9. lakelady says:

    hmmm, check out the lettering on the ATM. It certainly isn’t western. Cyrillic is my guess. I’m kinda surprised no one else has caught this yet.

  10. lefko says:


    Do you not read news anywhere except under your rock or have any involvement in foreign affairs?

    It’s RUSSIAN.

  11. ECA says:

    And DOS would be MUCh faster….Less cumbersome…And LESs drivers..
    Anyone know IF these machines can read Pre-coded cards that could hack them??
    With all the formats out there, I can see it now.

  12. lakelady says:

    #11 you might want to lift your own rock, Russian is written in the Cyrillic alphabet along with several other languages. And no I don’t read news reports in Cyrillic so I wasn’t absolutely positive as you apparently think you are.

  13. #13, the #11 properly realized that this is an ATM of Russian “VTB” bank (Huge lettering in Cyrilic on the atm itself. While Russian V looks like B and T is a T, in which non-Cyrilic country would you notice the third character (translated to B).

    Here is their nglish site


    It is not customary practice to change English system default for messages and menus in many foreign places, obviously including the VTB…

  14. tallwookie says:

    The little man inside the atm at my bank is a hell of a lot smarter than the idiots working behind the counter, tellers or whatever they’re called

  15. tkane says:

    Whew, I’m glad you guys emphasized the foreign nature of the ATM. Now I feel better. Lots of our financial systems here in the US still rely on good old trusty, reliable, secure Windows NT, right? (probably ref’d in #2).

    Thanx for the laugh today guys – needed that!!

  16. Joe Kelly says:

    Oh great.. Windows on a ATM Machine…. A good thing if your a hacker I guess… free money…

  17. Bold-faced says:

    Fortunately the electronic voting machines in much of the US are not made by these guys. Unfortunately they both mostly run Windows.


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