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found on Salon by Gasparrini

  1. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    Sure. Your desperate attempts to salvage a win from a resounding defeat are an inspiration to us all.

  2. RBG says:

    62. Yes, it is about equality, isn’t it.

    From the link in the item, which I am sure you also read: “…the Corren’s are not only seeking inclusion of explicitly homosexual material in the curriculum, promoting homosexuality as a normative and safe lifestyle option…”

    What a great thing for children, as if they don’t have confusing struggles enough with their blossoming sexuality.

    Personally, I think the time is better spent combating bullying, hateful language and attitudes in general – the kind you sometimes find in blog postings.

    From the article which one of us has apparently read:
    “According to the homosexual activist who launched a human rights suit, homosexual issues will soon be a mandatory part of school curricula”
    “…ensure that the courses teaching positively about homosexuality…”
    “…lessons dealing with sexual orientation…”
    “…that will incorporate the homosexual issues.”
    “…in addition to revamping the provinces educational curriculum to ensure it “reflects inclusion” for the homosexual lifestyle, the province is commencing immediately to offer an elective grade 12 course on “justice and equality” which will address “sexual orientation.”
    “…the agreement included provisions to bar some parents and students who had been opting for home education or other arrangements on topics of sexuality.”
    “…in social studies if they are reading a book about same sex families…”

    From the included link:
    “…curriculum didn’t adequately “address issues of sexual orientation.”

    “Basically, there is systemic discrimination through omission and suppression of queer issues in the whole of the curriculum,” alleges Murray Corren…”

    Oh, that equality.

    But I guess it’s ok to teach this as long as it’s not theory like the freezing point of water.


  3. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    Your unsubstantiated, 100% second-and-third-hand claims are very nice.

    Would you think it worth your time to provide links to the actual complete source material at issue, rather than out-of-context hearsay scarequotes? Or would that be too much effort?

  4. RBG says:

    66. If you also would like to confirm what was directly written in this particular document, trace the discussion and quotes back to #50 for the link. (And the further referenced link at the bottom of that document’s page).


  5. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    Oh, brother.

    Religionist propaganda. Three paragraphs in, and already the count of deliberate obfuscatory distortions had gone to double digits.

    Dissecting that tissue of falsehood, innuendo and sly deceptions would take many more hours than it’s worth.

    If that’s the kind of “information” you base your decisions on – and it obviously is – then no wonder your ideas are so warped.

  6. RBG says:

    Ah, nuts. You caught me. I guess it was just a little bit too outrageous to believe. Did I have you going for a little while there?

    Check out these other wacko religious sources, Wikipedia,
    and this gay news site
    and let me know which quotes I included above that read as innuendo and deception so I can make the lies seem more believeable for people not as sharp as yourself.



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