St. Maarten Airport

Landing – This one is a little close to the end of the runway.

This one is close too.

Takeoff – Notice the fence is bent from gawkers hanging on to it.

  1. mark says:

    One think I loved about landing in St Barths, French West Indies (an extreme landing to say the least) is at the end of the runway, is a nude beach, so after a death defying land, the treat, and a great bar as you step off the plane.

  2. Frank IBC says:

    St. Barth’s airport requries a STOL, IIRC.

  3. BubbaRay says:

    Yay, I get the final post that no one will ever read! Doesn’t anyone use a “slip” in a crosswind (or too high an altitude on final) to land an airplane anymore? Sure, it freaks out the passengers (bottoms tend to slide in the seats), but it’s a proven technique to land even a light twin (King Air) in a really bad crosswind. Works every time. Once you get all three wheels down, it’s the rudder (or asymmetrical thrust) that dictates whether or not you can keep the craft on the runway.

  4. hhopper says:

    Hey, I read it.

  5. beingboring says:

    I would kill to lie on this beach 🙂

  6. naseem says:

    its not a joke my friend .its to much dangerous for the human being .

  7. Deidre Leslie says:

    these people are crazy!!!! My gosh they saw the plane turning and they just stood there. Very fascinating though. lol

  8. Ryan says:

    they should close that runway for landing

  9. hidy says:

    from sxm dont leave the any more but that’s whats makes the airport unique its always fun to go back.PLEASE DON,T CHANGE IT.A UNIQUE COUNTRY ,PEOPLE AND AIRPORT


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