Can you identify any of this?

I recently got a nice little tchotchke from my friends at National Semiconductor the other day at a presentation on their new display drivers, a powered travel speaker set with a standard headphone jack to plug into any music or media device. I usually give these kinds of things to co-workers but thought it would be even nicer to figure out a way to give this kind of stuff to you.


Whoever can identify the most stuff from the picture above of the top of my TV set will win the travel speakers plus a couple of other things that are currently gathering dust around the office. If this kind of thing turns out to be popular I’ll do it with all this stuff I get at shows and such. (I’ll give you one tip – the picture is that of my two daughters.)

  1. Undissembled says:

    Lava Lamp
    Warthog from Halo
    Kick ass Back to the Future car
    Tony Raines Nascar
    D-Link router
    2 Alligator clip holders
    barbed wire
    old processor
    Superman pin
    Slut pin
    A near and dear photo of your daughters
    bottom half of an old bat-mobile
    dts clip
    shape-able toy man
    some sort of sea rock
    toy PM bus (is that from a drug co?)
    Chip and ribbon from inside a calculator?

  2. Undissembled says:

    Correction. Linksys router

  3. Smartalix says:

    yes corrected
    yes but points for what kind (hint: related to “rock”)
    yes but points for what kind
    yes but points for origin
    yes (not bottom half, but parts of roof missing)
    not clip
    yes but vague
    yes and no (points for origin)

  4. Undissembled says:

    Ross’ Four Point barbed wire?

  5. Undissembled says:

    Acrobot office toy?

  6. RTaylor says:

    Is that a model of the Alien face hugger on the rock?

  7. NSILMike says:

    The bus is the “PMBus” or Power Management Bus (bus plays on the serial I2C bus…) PMBus is an open standard power supply managment and configuration std.
    Yes, I am a total geek…

  8. Smartalix says:


    Points to Mike!

    BTW, it isn’t a rock.

  9. Bay Area says:

    Reminds a person of the author / filmmaker / actor Woody Allen in the film Sleeper
    The social scientists have a number of questions about artifacts from the past which are a mystery to them – including “chattering teeth” and a Playboy bunny foldout.
    These items and their uses are a mystery to these learned authorities
    There is at least identifiable a “lava lamp”
    The item on the left side is a Linkyx router of some sort – a wireless router as it has antennas

  10. sdf says:

    heh, I’m alarmed I can make out that cpu’s make from the pin side

  11. Raff says:

    It that rock looking thing part of the Berlin wall?

  12. Undissembled says:

    That is an AMD 64 939 pin proc!

  13. Fábio says:

    >> shape-able toy man
    It’s Gyro’s assistent Little Helper. There is also a TV/VCR on the picture.

  14. Zappa says:

    I cant believe no one has said anything about that face hugger on the rock nor the back to the future car and the old tv series batman batmobile.

  15. POB says:

    That purple lapel pin with the “M” early promo freebie for Adobe Pagemaker?

  16. Smartalix says:


    Not a DLP, but close.




    All three have been mentioned.

  17. mark says:

    God this is a slow day, I’m going back and watch the Country line dancers do In A Gadda Da Vida some more.

  18. Skippy says:

    The Slut pin is from a musical called Avenue Q.

  19. Smartalix says:


    Close, but it’s an off-broadway play.

  20. Skippy says:

    23, what do you mean, close? It is from Avenue Q. I saw them for sale in the lobby when I went to the play in London. If it’s not from Avenue Q, then someone is ripping someone else off.

  21. Skippy says:

    25, well I’ll be damned. I can’t find a picture of the Avenue Q button, but it looks exactly like that one. It’s based on Lucy the Slut, one of the characters in the show.

  22. smartalix says:


    Stolen idea?

    BTW, the WINNERS are:

    #1: Undissembled – speakers
    #2: Raff – LED demo board
    #3: NSILMike – 1-Gig USB flash
    honorable mention: RTaylor – used (but functional) 64-bit single-core processor

    All three winners get a hard copy of my book, Cyberchild. The runner-up gets a PDF copy.

    All winners email me @yahoo and I’ll mail you your stuff.


    Linksys wireless router
    “PMBus” digital power promotional bus
    Lava lamp
    DLP-sponsored Raines NASCAR
    LCD microdisplay with flex cable
    Toy man
    Face Hugger
    Berlin Wall Chunk
    German Border barbed wire
    AMD dual-core 64-bit processor
    DTS-sponsored CD-package opener
    Back to the Future Delorean
    Metropolitan Museum of Art day pin
    Slut the Musical pin
    Superman pin
    Extruded plastic
    Desk helicopter

    Let me know if this was worth the effort and I’ll do it again when I get some more stuff to give away.


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