This is exposing a very delicate issue in this country. Not to sound chauvinist, but it’s harder to fool black people with false patriotism because we’ve been fed shit by the government forever. It is obvious that we are mired in a forever war by an incompetent administration, and blacks are voting with their feet. With (primarily poor) whites it seems to be easier to fire up patriotic (or dare I say racist) blood against the A-rabs that bombed us (in a place many right-wingers have publicly wished unwell upon in the past, ironically) to get young people to sign on the dotted line. I am very close to this issue myself, as I wanted my nephew to serve as I did, but not anymore.

The number of blacks joining the military has plunged by more than one-third since the Afghanistan and Iraq wars began. Other job prospects are soaring and relatives of potential recruits increasingly are discouraging them from joining the armed services.

According to data obtained by The Associated Press, the decline covers all four military services for active duty recruits. The drop is even more dramatic when National Guard and Reserve recruiting is included.

The findings reflect the growing unpopularity of the wars, particularly among family members and other adults who exert influence over high school and college students considering the military as a place to serve their country, further their education or build a career.

I wonder if any politicians will call blacks unpatriotic?

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    There is nothing wrong with dying. I honor the dead soldiers

    And I will honor your death. Honest. I really will. Please try it so I can honor you. Please, so the world will be a better place to live.

  2. richard says:

    I hardly agree the BLACKS Statements. The Fire Service Recruitment is something that comes along with the line of dedication and hard work. So there’s no such question of the races to be the center of attraction.

    Richard J. Denney


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