1. SJP says:

    Always look and see what’s in the hookah before toking…even at Sunday School!!

  2. andy says:

    words can not describe how amazing that is.

  3. mark says:

    yes lost it indeed.

  4. ivander says:

    funny clip, lol.

    Jesus, this blog is the worst designed in the internet. It’s a pain trying to readit… Awful Awful… man. And I mean, your site is FILLED with ads… go hire a designer your cheap man (or fire your current) for god sake.

  5. Trimble Epic says:

    Great. Way-to-go… Way-to-find-an-ancient-clip-then-claim-it’s-brand-new.

    If I remember correctly, this might be a clip from Strangers with Candy, a show that Comedy Central dropped years ago.

    I feel that it’s misleading to use a headline like “finally lost it”

  6. Jim says:

    I assume that this is from his days on Strangers with Candy.

  7. Joel C. says:

    Let’s see, that looks like a Strangers with Candy clip to me. I suppose a professional comedian doing something funny on camera is news?

    Oh, and I agree with the site design critic. I’ve always thought this blog looked more like a porn site than a news outlet.

  8. hhopper says:

    #4 & #7 – Thanks, we like it too.

    #5 – It’s a JOKE! (And I didn’t see any claims about it being brand new. However, if one hasn’t seen it before, it’s brand new. I hadn’t seen it before and thought it was funny as hell since I’ve only seen Colbert on his latest show. Geez, what a grouch.)

  9. jsforbes says:

    Colbert is good because he is crazy like that.

  10. David W. says:

    hhooper seems to be on a roll for posting lamo crap today and then pretending the lameness is the “joke” and it’s now transderred to us cos we don’t “get it”. Come on, ffs. Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” does better than this. As #4 said, this blog design is total crap and Dvorak should stop forcing me to click 2 times when coming from the feed. Does he get more pennies for clicks or something? He’d be the first to call BS if any other blogs did this. And they don’t, BTW.

    I’m just saying, is all.

  11. Greymoon says:

    Don’t click 2 times then if it bothers you so much. Lame!

  12. John Paradox says:

    Is NOTHING sacred?

    (God, I hope not)


  13. ZeOverMind says:

    Silly IMO, but he is pointing fun at his own religion:


  14. Andrew Baerst says:

    Yes, it’s an old clip, but if you haven’t checked out Colbert’s work on Stranger’s with Candy then this is a great kick in the pants. That was a show “way” ahead of its time. Hats off to Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello (sp?).

  15. knights_templar700 says:

    Stephen Colbert walks on water when no one is watching.

  16. Joe says:

    #11 regarding #10

    Look at this screenshot as to why the extra click is required.


    Without reloading the page when coming from a feed reader such as Google Reader you don’t see any content or comments. Very broken.


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