I start at the end of the line and walk to the store. Today’s column in PC Magazine explains this phenomenon. Click here to read.

  1. Brian Ansorge says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how some people seem to be so *incredibly* insecure that they have to do their best to disparage those whose values are different from their own.

    Sad. Truly sad. Pathetic, even. If zillions of people are downright jubilant with their new iPhones, why would that bother me?

    Even though I can scarecly afford my monthly bill from Verizon on any given month and I don’t plan on getting an iPhone, I have nothing to gain by trying to detract from the joy that others are—apparently—experiencing with their new Apple icon.

    Nope. In fact, the reason why I *am* glad new iPhone owners are happy is the same reason why the overwhelming majority of those who are, in fact, buying new iPhones *are* buying them: because I am incredibly secure and know what I can afford (and justify buying) and what I cannot afford (and not justify buying).

    Yes, I do have a life and it bothers me not one little bit that Apple makes great products and is building on previous successes with (yet) another successful product launch.

    My pity to all the social misfits and Viagra gulpers who aren’t happy when others are happy. It sucks being you, doesn’t it?

    iPhone: $599.00
    Viagra: $49.99
    Self-Confidence and Contentment: Priceless

  2. Paul In Oregon says:

    Wow! I’m first in line on the 4th of July. Well, I didn’t have to wait in line to be here. Yes, like John I’m over 50. Like John, I’d never stand in line for anything that took longer than the time between meals or that pushed against a good night’s sleep. Never have, never will. There are only so many days in your life- come back Monday for the phone! If it’s sold out, wait a few days! (PS: We have ‘vote by mail’ in Oregon- no one stands in line!)
    Being in the industry for almost 15 years there was a time when I always had the ‘coolest’ phone. We were the first ones to sell the StarTac nationwide (joining the other AirTouch dealers who were exclusives. Anyone know what a StarTac was/is today? Today I couldn’t care. I never had to wait in line for any of those phones- they just happened as a dealer for US West-AirTouch-Verizon. I don’t even use or want a smart phone. I really prefer a ‘real computer’ or music player or camera when I need one. Yes, I do carry a 2 meg camera phone for photos when I don’t have my Canon SLR with me but the whole integration thing just isn’t working for me yet. The last figures I saw for the US is that only 5% of those with ‘music capable’ phones were even using those features! Must be frustrating for the carriers who what to make money on those features. We’re pushed to sell add-ons like new car sales people! Maybe in the big cities people use more of those features- and maybe we’re different than other countries. (A lab owner I know in the Philippines gets 80% of the standard size prints that are ordered at her stores from camera phones! Not here!)
    So I’ll go buy Tickle Me Elmo at the Goodwill store today for $3- take a walk, listen to the birds, breathe fresh air, go to work on time, spend time with family- and be free of ‘me first’ ism forever! It’s not worth the price/cost of admission, although as a ‘side show’ your video was an amazing insight to the life’s of… what would you call that?!?

  3. C. Fogg says:

    Your video is one for the time capsule, Mr. Dvorak.

    Hopefully people in the future can figure out how to decode our video formats.. and the physical media itself somehow survives the time.
    “See, Timmy: this is how our ‘ancestors’ wasted their time.”

    Is this the beginnings of the next Michael Moore ?

    Next chapter: people using their iPhones… while driving.

  4. Christian says:

    And Cameo by John’s best friend and iPhone fanboy number one: Scott Bourne!

    Where’s Woz?

  5. Tamara Bahr says:

    I don’t get it — Watching that video (which was an insteresting social vignette btw) all I thought was all those peopel just have $600 + to spend —- on a phone! I need a better job.

  6. Jason says:

    Great video John. It can even be used to play the following drinking games:

    1) Spot the Homeless Bums
    2) Spot the overly-obnoxious gadget-geek/Apple fan boys


  7. one19 says:

    #46 (on #44, #26, #24, #20)

    Jimi Hendrix comes to town and may not ever come back. So if you liked Hendrix, falling in line was your only option. And yeah, it’s juvenile.

    But if juvenile today means standing in line for something that will be available anyway, you start to wonder.

    I can get hold of the iPhone, PS3, XBox, etc., without having to wait in line. Except that “I won’t ge first.”

    Now if a famous rock band came to the Philippines today, and I were a big fan, I may not have a choice but to line up as I may never see them again. That at least is understandable juvenile behavior (and at 41, if I had to line up, I’d probably use the time to do something else anyway).


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