SAP, the world’s largest maker of business software, acknowledged today that employees at an American subsidiary made “’inappropriate” downloads from the Web site of Oracle, a competitor, but denied using the information for commercial gain.

In its response to a lawsuit filed by Oracle in the United States in March, SAP conceded that employees at its TomorrowNow unit, a Texas company that SAP bought in January 2005, downloaded Oracle data last year as Oracle had claimed in a lawsuit in March.

Henning Kagermann said SAP and TomorrowNow had also received subpoenas from the United States Department of Justice for documents in the case. He did not say whether the subpoenas were in connection with a civil or criminal investigation.

“The music goes round and round – and it comes out here!” Along with convoluted rationales from high-priced attorneys.

  1. ethanol says:

    Amazing, news about a corporation going after another corporation instead of a corporation going after a consumer… RIAA and MPAA must be pissed they don’t have a multi-billion dollar company to sue.

  2. milo says:

    SAP is the Borg of the corporate world. Anything that harms them is inherently good.

  3. iGlobalWarmer says:

    So one crappy company that charges too much for its crap goes after another crappy company that charges too much for its crap…


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