If you want to see some detailed pictures of a iPhone being taken apart, you can head over to this page.

  1. Woz Rules says:

    Poor hhopper, Gasparrini got to this one before you, slacker.

  2. ECA says:

    YEP, the iphone ISNT that much, all products Gathered into 1 product.
    They did a special on TWIT, and Apple is making a killing.
    the only Expencive part is the touch screen.
    Will someone lookup the Blackberry 8800.

  3. RTaylor says:

    Parts costs can be insignificant on initial unit sells. You have to recover R&D, along with marketing. Apple has always invested a lot in aesthetics and design. Top industrial designs don’t come cheaply. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t buy the phone. It’s not remotely marketed for someone like me. I do hope it will shake the market up and encourage better designs and service.

  4. Al Cole says:

    But the headlines read – all of the parts manufacturers stock rise after it is discovered they are involved in the iphone. Always follow the money


  5. hhopper says:

    @1 – That damn Gasparinni, stealing my thunder. Of all the nerve…

  6. Pmitchell says:

    Nice piece , I wont be buying an Iphone but I am registered On RushLimbaugh.com to win one of the 10 8gig models he is giving away this week .

    I can tell you as a treo 650 owner that the treo is horrible. I have gone through 9 phones in less than a year with out one dying from abuse or drop. Treo 650 in my opinion is one of the worst built electronic items I have ever owned and the treo people should apologize to everone who owns one for putting out such junk.

  7. GregA says:

    grrrrrr.. must resist the urge to go buy one of the 4gb iPhones in stock….

    Anyhow, I like the iPhone, but it appeals to my prurient interests. Oh… covet the iPhone, desire the iPhone. It is one steaming hot pile of PILF.

    It makes me feel like a computer newbie again.

    But this is not the phone you would take home to show your mother.

    And compared to the iPhone the Treo and Q and all other smart phones are the cheap 200 dollar variety of phone.

    I like my (there was an incident a toilet and the RAZR phone went back home with its parents) LG VX8300. That is the phone I am sticking with. My only hope is, if Verizon sees the videos of what the iPhone is willing to do in our private time together, maybe just maybe they will unlock some of the goodness in that menu in the back of the verizon menu stack, and let me have more than just a taste.

  8. ArianeB says:

    Now the big question, were they able to put it back together and get it to work?

  9. kev says:

    you can also see the Systm guys tear one apart right outside the apple store over on revision3. Fun stuff.

  10. GregA says:

    Huge breaking iPhone news. Apple gets pwned by Google.


    Google is now offering iPhone like services on every phone BUT the iPhone. Number portability might be an issue, but every phone just got visual voice mail.

  11. Mr. Fusion says:

    I don’t give two poops if I can read War and Peace on my phone or browse the Wall Street Journal. I don’t care if I can listen to James Hill and the Cry Babies or catch the latest posting on You Tube. I don’t care if you can carry all your grandbabies pictures and still have room to spare.

    Just give me a phone that doesn’t drop calls, that doesn’t have a service contract where I have to give away ALL rights, that will work as well on any Interstate as it will outside the provider Head Office, and doesn’t charge me roaming fees when I’m still in my home town.

    Effen morani. How can people continually get suckered in with some shiny plastic repeatedly. Weee, look at me (twirling an aluminum pie plate in the sunlight).

  12. Erik Blazynski says:

    Oh my god! Woz is FAT!!

  13. mark says:

    12. Thanks for the laugh.

  14. knights_templar700 says:


  15. JimR says:

    Greg! you aren’t giving in a little are you? 🙂

    Did you see AAPL shares today? Don’t buy the milk… buy the cow.

  16. GregA says:


    Sometimes having a phone is a trial. I keep telling myself I love my phone, I love the things it does for me. But sometimes you just get bored using the same phone over and over again. Sometimes it seems like I will be with this phone for the rest of my life. Life is short dammit, I deserve more from my phone.

  17. James Hill says:

    #12 – Your worship is noted.

    #17 – Welcome to the dork side.

  18. John S says:

    I do not agree with James most of the time however I like him as he does have a sense of humour unlike a couple of the other posters that are right wing nuts ;-). I would like to say that whenever I see a video posting I mentally atribute it to hhopper no matter what the post says. I admire hhopper that much ;-).

    John S

  19. JimR says:

    “Welcome to the dork side.”
    Good one James. 🙂


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