Gee, looks like a comfortable plane to fly. According to CNet News, “The 787 Dreamliner has more pre-orders than any other jetliner in history.”

  1. JoaoPT says:

    It was on the news here Saturday the launch of the 787.
    From the story, I am told that this plane is not a huge plane and it’s made of carbon fiber. That means it’s lighter and can save on fuel, so already there’s a lot of companies interested on it.
    Paradoxically ambientalists deem this plane non-ecologic because it will popularize even further Air travel and that will have a even bigger carbon footprint.

    Go figure…

  2. Kevin says:

    Probably the biggest advance in commercial airliners will be the higher humidity inside the passenger cabin made possible by corrosian resistant carbon fiber and titanium. No more crusty sinuses after that pesky New York to Tokyo nonstop flight.

  3. bobbo says:

    1–I’ve been thinking that when political will forms to combat global warming, some additive to jet fuel could be developed to “cool” the earth by reflecting the incoming sun?

    When there is a will there is a way, but you gotta have the will first and then find the way in time?

    Sure looks to me we are going to pass a tipping point before we decide to take action. Too bad when there are so many measures that “could have” been taken.

  4. Awake says:

    The DreamLiner in that video has what should be called a Dreamcabin™.
    In the RealityCabin™ of the RealityLiner™ we will all be packed into an airplane with no legroom, cramped seating, fighting with our neighbor over the single armrest. Surly flight attendants will block the aisle for hours with their stupid food cart to prevent the use of the lavatories, all along giving you a miserly cup of juice and not even peanuts after a delay of 2 hours on takeoff, a delayed arrival on your connection and no time for a meal on what turns out to be an 8 hour flight that should have taken three hours.
    Your luggage will still get lost, after you wait another 40 minutes for it to start actually coming out in the carousel.
    All we need now is for the FAA to authorize the use of cellphones in flight and we will really be stuck in the NightmareLiner™ no matter how pretty the propaganda video looks.

  5. Suntan says:

    Thanks ‘Awake’ for bringing us down to reality. Really though i would settle for newer aircraft anything. God knows how old some of those jets are.

    (back to sleep now)

  6. BubbaRay says:

    Nice plane! With that LED lighting, the 8 hour delay on the tarmac in the snow belt will seem like just one day instead of two or three. Strange, I must have missed the separate passenger sections for jerks, crying babies and sugar hyped kids. Do we now get a lollipop for passing airport security?

    Sorry, that is in response to how my daughter was treated on American nonstop from DFW to Seatac yesterday.

    Here’s the Boeing 787 official site that makes air travel seem like it was in 1962 on the oh-seven:

  7. ZeOverMind says:

    I LOVE this plane! The electronically tinted windows are a very kewl feature. I think Boeing has nailed the economic demand for this plane while Airbus struggles with the A380 SuperJumbo. I just hope that they don’t start squeezing more seats into the aircraft to increase it’s profitability at the expense of the passenger’s comfort.

  8. BubbaRay says:

    Airport security this: When I win the lottery, I’ll take the Gulfstream G5. Check out the glass cockpit on the “tour” link!

    The G5 is just a tiny bit more comfortable than what my passengers were used to, nothing like a compass, needle, ball and airspeed:

  9. Rob R says:

    #4, you want a seat for $600-800 transatlantic, what should you expect? Pony up $1700, you get more room (BA world traveller plus) and for $5k and you’re in the lap of luxury. But none of that has to do with the plane or Boeing.

    Sad thing is, the Japanese get the first planes. Why do they get the best toys first?????

  10. hhopper says:

    I never get to fly on the cool jets. I always end up on a sardine can 737 or old 727.

  11. MikeN says:

    How many US airlines are buying these for domestic flights? We should open up our airlines to foreign competition. Then we’ll see improvements like in the auto industry, even if it does cost jobs.

  12. David says:

    The airliner is VERY cool. While the windows are cool, I’m really looking forward to the more ‘sea level’ atmosphere and humidity that will eliminate that ‘airplane’ feel. And ESPECIALLY looking forward to their new ‘secret’ system to drastically smooth the flight…it ‘auto corrects’ for the roller coaster effect of some bumpy flights.

    As for the ‘cramped seating’….blame the airlines themselves. As a 6’1″ person I HATE these damn seats! But Boeing just sells the jet (to say United). United as the buyer gets to decides the seat colors, # of seats, the layout, etc. If United wants to give you a 14 inch wide seat with no leg room, that’s up to them. That’s not a decision of Boeing.

  13. ECA says:

    I have to ponder,
    That most of you dont understand something about most of these planes…
    They are for CARGO…
    they can only Lift so much Cargo.
    Then they add seating for the Extra needs, and room to carry passengers, as EXCESS cargo.
    But, on SOME airlines, they make Good money off the passengers, rather then the Main CARGO. Even after feeding you and pampering you, AS CARGO.

  14. joshua says:

    #10…Rob R….yep….I only fly BA when going back and forth to the UK….first class, it’s like a luxury hotel only more expensive…

    They said they have 677 pre orders on this plane already, over 100 Billion in sales, and 41 airlines buying them so far. They will use 20% less fuel or more per flight.

    I get tired of hearing all the screaming about carbon footprints….and especially with airline travel. Airline travel is approx. 1 to 2% of the total…..look at the thousands of flights daily, thats pretty damn impressive. Thats the equivilent of 1 Chinese flip-flop making factory.

  15. MikeN says:

    Of course they’ll increase the number of seats.

  16. TitanicInTheAir says:

    Oh, great! Now, I may be stuck on the runway for six hours with an auditorium of people!


    Who wants to be stuck on this BARGE in a CRAMPED COACH SEAT so that Dick and pals can play casino games or partake in other CRAP AMENITIES?!


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