Wow. Photoshop really is a powerful program.

It’s time for the big reveal for our unretouched cover-image contest, and, well, our winner is the July cover of Redbook, on which country singer Faith Hill (and, on a separate cover, her hubby Tim McGraw) appeared, well, as beautiful and accessible-seeming as usual.

What’s uncanny about this cover is that when the image was passed our way, we had just been flipping through Redbook, reminding ourselves that we’d stop hating women’s magazines as soon as our lives became shitty enough to warrant reading Redbook and our husbands and immune systems suddenly replaced celebrities and consumerism on our personal Most Toxic lists, when we paused to think, “Wow, Faith Hill is really hot.”

We’d had this thought before about Faith Hill, probably in the context of a Revlon display at the CVS or something, but reading this spread in the July Redbook we had one of those moments we often have with Katie Holmes wherein we were like, “Wow. She is just really really really pretty. Although we don’t much like her taste in men.”

Why don’t they just use a hand-drawn illustration? It would be just as accurate a representation. 

  1. mark says:

    Fusion- you do shine when the humour emerges.

  2. bobbo says:

    34–You have been abused by the “advocacy hordes” who want to create divisions in society all to sell a book, a candidate, a tv show, – – -whatever.

    Truth is, “we” are all letting “all” the kiddies down. We may or may not be attending to boys even less than than to the girls, but what the kiddies all need is more interaction with one another with as little interference as possible from the adults. Course, trends lines are all the opposite.

    And once again, we have the society we have infact designed by ourselves. Unconsciously as to the results, but the moral values are highlighted by each advocacy group.

  3. RBG says:

    Ever wonder how dumb we’d really sound if our words weren’t so word-processed.

    Ok, I take that back.


  4. Danijel says:

    She looks healthy in the original picture. That’s the problem I see here. Girls that emulate this idealistic image of beauty usually end up in the hospital every second week…

  5. qsabe says:

    Wrinkles come with age. So does poorer vision. They balance out.

  6. smartalix says:

    That’s a big warning sign for our culture when a woman this good looking in real life isn’t “pretty” enough.

  7. tkane says:

    #24, thanx for someone saying it. She looks better pre-PS.

  8. OmarTheAlien says:

    She looks..plastic.


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