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What, you were expecting a computer? Ha!

The website this is on, Cyberheritage, is a great reference on British military history with a staggering number of photos and other stuff.

Found by my brother, Don.

  1. moss says:

    Chills down my spine, bro’ – and a flashback. From an era filled with stupid shit like this – which I’m sad to admit I was part of before I learned better – ruled by the same sort of political thugs we have in charge all over again.

  2. tallwookie says:

    rofl!! the “% killed” part is the best!!

    BOOOOOOM!!!!! Nuke the bastards!!

  3. hhopper says:

    Yeah, everybody needed one of these. That’s got to be the most useless thing I’ve ever seen.

  4. iGlobalWarmer says:

    Bottom line is that nuclear explosions are cool. I wish they’d set one more off above ground and film it in detail in modern hi-def. That would blow away the footage that’s available today.

  5. hemaworst says:

    i am pretty halfway the milk now but darn dvorak wasnt that a writer?

  6. hemaworst says:

    damn that is a stupid question

  7. Calculator says:

    Nuclear Weapon threat is caused mainly by the elected officials. When will the people learn?


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