Tomato soup ‘boosts fertility’-Health/Science-The Times of India — This lycopene propaganda began about three years ago. I love tomatoes so I’m good with it. Although it should be noted that lycopene only becomes potent if the tomatoes are cooked.

Craving for something sweet and sour at the same time? Don’t think twice. Just have a bowl of spicy and creamy tomato soup to satisfy your desire.

Yes, a bowl of hot tomato soup every day can boost fertility among men, according to scientists. Researchers at the UK-based University of Portsmouth have discovered that lycopene, which gives tomatoes their bright red colouring, can turn sperm into super-sperm, sources reported. The conclusion came after the researchers studied the effect of lycopene in the diet on a group of six healthy men, all in their early forties.

  1. tallwookie says:

    My Favorite:

    Parmesean-Romano Tomato Bowls

    4 to 6 whole tomatoes, insides scooped out making a “bowl”
    1 cup freshly grated parmesean cheese
    1 cup freshly grated romano cheese
    1/2 cup bread crumbs (i use the italian flavor)
    1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
    freshly crushed black pepper to taste

    Preheat oven to 375 F
    Mix the cheese & breadcrumbs & olive oil in a bowl
    Stuff mixture into tomatoes – really pack it in there

    Cook for 15 minutes or untill the cheese is golden brown on top

    The ladies really love this one 😉

  2. hhopper says:

    Yum! I love tomatoes fixed like this.

  3. huskergrrl says:

    No wonder I got knocked up!

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    I get a hard on just looking at the can!

  5. Milo says:

    Wow nutritious food benefits me! Turning to other news the sky is above the ground!

  6. Dauragon88 says:

    lol……super sperm……

    yeah, I’m THAT mature 😀

    *hums rappers delight*

  7. Atomic Bitchwax says:

    Beware: the original article was from the “Times of India”.

    Apparently, in India, everything increases fertility.

  8. Noam Sane says:

    Yeah, tomato soup, great, but stay away from the Campbell’s stuff.
    There’s enough sodium in that can to dry up Lake Superior.

    I tagged along when my wife met with a nutritionist when she was pregnant. It was a real eye-opener. In addition to learning how unhealthy soup-in-a-can is, I found out that there’s more sugar in a single Oreo than in an entire can of Pepsi.

  9. tallwookie says:

    #8 so If I chugged a case of pepsi instead of wolfing down a package of oreos, then its a net gain?

  10. jccalhoun hates the spame filter says:

    thank goodness I hate tomatoes!


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