Like any technology, if we have the ability to put a microdevice into someone it is going to be used for both noble and horrible purposes. However, science does march on and we’d better start getting used to the possibility that one day you may wind up with a chip (or two) somewhere inside of you.

C3B researchers are working pertinaciously to develop an implantable biosensor for monitoring lactate and glucose levels.  Funded by the Department of Defense, the goal of this platform project is to develop a temporary implantable biosensor with wireless transmission capabilities.   

Research breakthroughs in this platform project area will have prodigious contributions to mass triage scenarios such as battlefields and natural disaster sites by providing a means for medical personnel to make life saving decisions. 

It will also benefit diabetics and others who need monitoring. My worry is that the chips will also be used to assess the ability of a unit to complete the mission based on how tired their bodies really are. Or worse still, the remote monitoring capability will give insurance companies a way to deny claims based on monitored behavior.

  1. Jägermeister says:

    Nice… now the military can get people with diabetes to serve in Iraq. Don’t worry… we’ll make sure your blood sugar level is up to par…

  2. Smartalix says:

    My novel deals with this very subject. It’s eerie seeing fiction become fact.

    [/shameless but germane plug]

  3. bill says:

    diabetes is a bitch! I know firsthand! I would give almost anything for some implantable thingie so I wouldn’t have to stab my hand 12 times a day. The insulin injections are relatively painless and just as easy as beushing your teeth. But the darn testing regime just sucks!

  4. tallwookie says:

    people used to believe that artificial organs were science-fiction – but its fairly commonplace now – even having an artificial hand or leg is almost on par with star wars (ala handless luke)

    this is just the next stage to cyberization

    btw – if theres any researchers reading this blog, I’ll sign up for one of these chips now – seriously

  5. Simon says:

    Scary Stuff, we all need to be extra careful in this day and age, especially those of us who put an incorrect index file on our web page allowing all visitors to access files and folder directly. (looking at you smartalix)
    Go on fix it, i dare you 🙂

  6. traaxx says:

    It’s realist like this that brought the scientific ideas of all of humanities greatest genocides. Just accept it they’re unable to live on their own, we’re making it easier on them, by euthenisiming them. Just accept it, you’re going to have the mark whether or not you like it, just accept it murder happens why get upset about.

    Like all good little lefties, just go along with the crowd, like all the masses or cattle or sheep.

    What happen to question authority or don’t trust big brother. Why is it only time the lefties get upset is when a terrorist or criminal is put in jail or when a citizen wants to carry a gun for protection. Implants fine, raspiest on the street fine, abortion for teenagers find, gays and perverts feeling up our children fine – they have the right to experience everything – especially the sickos of the left.

  7. ChrisMac says:

    It will benefit no one.. The less we know.. The better

  8. ChrisMac says:

    Matt Nagle is paralyzed, unable to move his hands, legs and breathe since he was stabben by a knife.

    failEd! bad webpage

  9. Mister Mustard says:

    This technology looks like it might be useful in Hollywood…Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie; the judges could sentence them to chip implantation, and rest assured that any aocohol, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, ‘luudes, etc. would be immediately detected and law enforcement notified immediately. And wirelessly.

  10. ChrisMac says:

    Outta all of them.. Why do I still like Lindsay?

  11. tallwookie says:

    #10 cuz the other two obviously dont know how to partay

  12. Angel H. Wong says:

    #2 Alix

    After reading the review of your book I keep on thinking “Where are the PeTA mercenaries?”

  13. joshua says:

    #10…Chris…..that comment implies you once liked them all.

    Alix….the minute the Insurance companies say….***we would never intrude on our customers private lives in that way***….you know they are monitoring us all and the game is up.


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