Illegal downloading on the rise | News | NME.COM — What you have to note here is that while illegal downloading is up so are legal downloads showing me the correlation that free distribution encourages, not discourages, sales. Nobody will make that connection though. I harp on the fact that during the Napster heyday CD’s sales were booming. This is actually more proof of the phenomenon and it will be ignored.

A new study has found that 43 per cent of internet users have admitted to downloading music for free – a rise of seven percent over the past year. Approximately 1,700 internet users were polled by the Entertainment Media Research company to gain the results.

The study found that although illegal downloading is on the rise, so is legal downloading. Eleven percent of people questioned said they downloaded music legally from sites such as iTunes, up two percent from last year.

  1. bobbo says:

    Anyone have a good reference for the thinking behind having a “debt limit” in the first place?

    Was it possibly put in place as a self regulating warning flag that internal measures need to be taken to avoid reaching it, or is it only a flagging mechanism to annouce our continual downfall?

    Good job CONGRESS. Every one of them should be tossed out of office.

    “NO—let ME be the one who lies to you, cheats, steals and tells you what you want to hear.” All pretty obvious.

  2. bobbo says:

    Well, how did that happen? Post #1 is regarding the national debt.

    Almost applies to downloading as well?

    I download music I would never buy, and buy the music I do.

    Sony makes money off me both ways. ((computer and blank media for recording))

  3. Angel H. Wong says:

    Theis article could blind readers with the obviousnes.

  4. bobbo says:

    3—Actually, I’m kinda surprised the legal attack hasn’t “scared” people and businesses (colleges) into compliance??

    Why hasn’t RIAA flooded the sites with bogus files???

    Why hasn’t RIAA simply ramped-up the lawsuit approach–easy to hire fresh graduates and set up a mill?

    and why not have easy access at 10 cents a song?

    How to let greed get in the way of makin money. Its a hoot.

  5. sdf says:

    I prefer to skip CDs altogether. concerts and merch are where bands actually make any money anyway

  6. Jim says:

    so 43% have admitted it, and they base their study on that? OK, from now on, no one admit it, and they’ll think it has stopped!

  7. Jägermeister says:

    #6 – OK, from now on, no one admit it, and they’ll think it has stopped!


  8. Elwood Pleebus says:

    #6 Good one!
    I wouldn’t be surprised that they would (or do) just fabricate the numbers anyways.

  9. Mr. Fusion says:

    ”The survey, conducted in June among 1,700 British consumers “…

    So, a British music industry company surveys British consumers and somehow this is now evidence that ALL consumers are following a trend?

    People, read the article.

  10. danno says:

    The article isn’t clear – 43% admitted to downloading music for free. Is that downloading last year, or ever in their lifetime? If it is ever, then of course the number will be higher. It won’t drop until illegal downloaders die (perhaps that’s why the skull is in that logo).

  11. ECA says:

    Lets see….
    How many have Downloaded FREE ring tones??
    How many sites GIVE AWAY a few songs to Hook you into their service??
    How many have downloaded Music?? Is this a valid question??
    FREE or otherwise…

    Sony is running around closing sites, and THEN starting their OWN, online service.

    WHY would anyone want to DL music anyway??
    Itunes, Ipod, your cellphone MP3,……
    Cant find the music you want to hear, available at most Physical locations.
    You DONT have a decent CD store near you and dont want to travel 100+ miles to find one.
    Generation gap:
    WHO are they selling to? NOt us older folks.
    What music do US/we older folks want to listen to?
    Expanded selection ONLINE of music we havent heard, and would like to sample… In the genre we WANT TO HEAR.
    Exploration into OTHER genre that we havnt heard.

    iLLegal DL?? its a stupid question, and it dont look for answers/solutions.
    Its the recording industry NOT wanting to change, finding out that they MADE a mistake, and trying to Lock the barn AFTEr the horse got away. they SOLd the rights to music distribution to OTHERS thinking that it wasnt going to Work. IT DID work…And now they are bothering those that HAVE the rights. And they are watching the money Float away that they COULD OF HAD.

  12. Redattack34 says:

    Honestly, I’m not that surprised. Given the relative quality of music these days, not to mention the volume (it takes more effort to sift through the crap to find the gem now than it used to), to most people, it’s just not worth buying music, especially not on overpriced CD’s.

    This basically explains the rise of downloaded music, legal and illegal.

  13. B. Dog says:

    Tip: browse through Neonode’s website to find a program that records your favorite Internet radio stations.

  14. tallwookie says:

    This is one of those threads where I make fun of people who actually PAY for music/videos… seriously people, paying for shit is DEAD

    wtf, are you scared that the RIAA will come after you??!? rofl!!


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