This will make it a lot easier for police to find people with stolen cars, no insurance, no license, no registration, vehicle used in crime, etc.

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    Mister Mustard.

    Canada has the equivalent to the American Bill of Right contained in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In most ways it is a better document as it is written in more contemporary language with modern meanings. Also to satisfy the equivalent of the American Constitutional Constructionist, it also contains the caveat that these rights are as may be demonstrated in a “free and democratic society”. Generally, Canadian Judges have ruled more broadly and favorably under the Charter compared to American Judges who generally rule more narrowly.

    The one area that differs greatly from the American Bill of Rights is the opt out feature. Here, a government may opt out of following a Rights ruling for up to five years. Although this could open the door to abuses, the government must still face the electorate to justify their action.

    For a better read, Wikipedia has a decent article.

  2. Bob says:

    My problem is the same as most of these “automated” ticketing mechanisms. It always ends up being a revenue raising scheme for the police and local country. The localities love it, since its more money, an automated cash register if you will, and once the locality starts making money on a crime they have to reason to discourage that crime, in fact many localities have been busted for doing the opposite (red light cameras with shortened yellow lights, being the most obvious)

  3. Larry Cooper says:

    Question : IS or Would the FOXPLATE be illegal In the USA ???

  4. Smith says:

    #27 “Your local law enforcement officials don;t have the resources or desire to bother with you.”

    Ah, but you fail to understand: Technology will soon give law enforcement nearly infinite resources. There will be no facet of your life that will be beyond their view.

    Yes, nearly all of that information is already available if they want to expend the time and resources to collect and collate the data. That hurdle provides protection to all of us from frivolous harassment. But it won’t be much longer when any officer can retrieve that data within seconds on a whim. Where is our protection then??

  5. Mister Mustard says:

    >>Yet if you think about it, you will only object if you have
    >>something to hide.

    Or if you’re one of those left-leaning commie pinko fags that still put some faith in the Constitution.

  6. Mr. Fusion says:

    #33, johnny,

    Running license plates is already a legitimate policing process. Your arguments seem to imply that the police should be prevented from ever running a license plate unless they actually have a reasonable cause to run that particular plate.

    Correct. The police should only intrude upon our privacy when there is a reasonable cause.

    If this is reasonable, then why can’t the police stop pedestrians and request they identify themselves. Or have everyone submit to fingerprints. Whatever reason you may think of for why this would be an abuse, then apply the same reason to the license plate reader. If you don’t see any problem then you are past hope.

  7. Mister Mustard says:

    >>unless they actually have a reasonable cause

    Holy fuck! Probable cause?!?!?! Only a communist/ marxist/ stalinist/ leninist/ chavezist/ Fidel-loving fucker of women with Cuban cigars would ever give any credence to the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights!!

    Sheeit! Every red-blooded American real live nephew of his Uncle Sam knows that cops should be able to stop you on the street and give you a cavity search if they don’t like the t-shirt you’re wearing or your fancy Italian shoes!

  8. Mr. Fusion says:

    #40, Mister Mustard

    In your first paragraph, you missed :

    “AIDs infected liberal”

    Otherwise, right on.

  9. chuck says:

    I like how they managed to squeeze in a still frame from 9-11 into the end of the video. “Reading license plates prevents terrorism”.

    Someone explain to me how reading a license plate prevents a bunch of nut-jobs from flying a plane into a building?

    Maybe they could use it in Baghdad to prevent car-bombings. They’d just need to get all the car-bombers to pre-register their cars before hand.

  10. Arrius says:

    In defense of the cop not wearing his seat belt, he was fat and he is a grown man so he should be allowed to not wear it.. Oh wait, neither of those is a valid legal basis.

  11. Mister Mustard says:

    >>In your first paragraph, you missed :
    >>“AIDs infected liberal”

    I thought about adding that, Mr. F., but given the sexual proclivities of the neocon right, wing it seems as likely (if not more likely) that one of THEM would be AIDS-infected. So I dropped it from the list.

    Hallelujah! Bring me another pipefull of that fine crystal meth, and a little hillbilly heroin on the side!

  12. Dave Mullenix says:

    If you buy a new or used car, you’d better park it until the info gets to the DMV and out to the squads. I got pulled over on the way to work two days after I bought a car (from a dealer). The cop was driving around with one hand and entering every license plate he saw with the other and the DMV didn’t tell him about the license plate transfer yet. So I was late to work. Didn’t bother the cop any.

  13. John says:

    This is great and all, but… How about spending more money or our terrible roads instead of useless gadgets. Or getting police to actually protect drivers. Things such as pulling over people for riding the left lane! Or 30mph drivers on the highway, or people driving with their high beams on all the time, people who don’t use turn signals, or can’t stay in lane or how about just getting them to stop turning on their lights blowing a red light then turning their lights back off. If it isn’t an emergency they need to follow traffic laws like everyone else. While we are at it, these speed limits are laughable, they are at least 20 years old, car dynamics have improved how much since then? It is the slow, mundane, everyday drivers that cause accidents and should have their licenses taken away, if you are going to drive be efficient for gods sake or don’t bother with it. I’m talking to you SUV drivers.


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