A lot of makeup can make you prettier, but it won’t make you smarter. Michelle Madigan, Associate Producer for Dateline NBC found this out the hard way at Defcon.

According to sources at the show, she was there to do a piece called Hackers for Hire, with the goal of showing the criminal hacker underground and possibly outing an undercover fed. As Michelle was said to have said, “People in Kansas would be very interested in what is going on at Defcon”. She was busted hours before she walked in the door, the first slide before the keynote was this, and the speaker asked to notify a goon (security) if she was spotted.

The people from Defcon talked to her four times, two before the show, two on the scene, and offered her press credentials and the opportunity to officially talk to the people she wanted to talk to. Four times she declined.

Too bad. They knew when her plane took off. They knew when her plane landed. They knew when she picked up her non-press attendee pass (human in the vernacular). They followed her around. They knew when she walked into the ladies room to wire up, camera and sound. She knew that the camera was not allowed but did it anyway, and told a goon that she was doing so.

The moral of the story? Don’t screw around with people who are smarter than you.

Turning up a fink is a truly satisfying experience. I remember when…but, the sleazy bastards who spy on citizens probably know all my favorite stories…and this ain’t the time or place.

  1. Improbus says:

    pwned! lol

    I swear, reports are getting as dumb as criminals and law enforcement.

  2. Improbus says:

    Damn, reporters not reports. D’oh!

  3. chuck says:

    She’s too pretty. They should have sent a fat white guy with bad skin. He could have walked around with a camcorder strapped to his head and everyone would have assumed he was a borg.

  4. Rakarich says:

    I thought Katie Couric just put on some weight

  5. Hackers are the 21st Century version of God’s warriors. They are the defenders of truth in an age of information that grants governments unprecedented power over the populace. They are the check in power in the information age. They are needed.

  6. jasontheodd says:

    Is the war over? Bridge fall for no reason? Murder rate suddenly plummet? No more pedophiles to ambush? Man I wish the news orgs. were burning their “under cover” budgets covering things that actually affected peoples lives.

  7. MacBandit says:

    They won’t cover the truly dangerous stuff because of reporters like this one. Imagine her trying to infiltrate a gang or a drug cartel. She would just vanish and never be heard of again. Kind of like anti-fur groups never spray painting the leathers on a biker gang.

  8. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    “Investigative reporter” – hoo-boy!

    This clot couldn’t investigate her own ass with both hands and a flashlight, as they say.

  9. Jägermeister says:

    #8 – MacBandit – Kind of like anti-fur groups never spray painting the leathers on a biker gang.

    LOL … I would love to see them doing Hells Angels and then see Hells Angels do them.

  10. zaw says:

    try to out smart the people that specialize in out smarting people. I don’t think any body in press is smart enough.

    She will be getting phone a lots of calls to her house from PLA.

  11. Pierre says:

    The clumsy reporter does her best to draw all the attention. Meanwhile, the other team … Who is pwning who here?

  12. Bryan Carney says:

    #6 I hope you’re joking. If you think a life a soda and isolation is where it’s at you are mistaken. I am as scared of vigilantes as I am of big brother. It’s human initiative that gets us in trouble; we can deal with a few bureaucrats.

    #4 I get the impression you have never been “chubby.” People don’t like having that pointed out. I don’t appreciate your chubby—pretty continuum myself.

  13. jccalhoun hates the spame filter says:

    the video of the reporter’s outing is on youtube

  14. Jägermeister says:


    Not very chatty lady…. 😉

  15. Paul Benjamin says:

    I live in Kansas (Salina) and I have know about Defcon for many years. I think her shallow opinion of people like me in the “fly over” country is part of her problem. Maybe if she had worked for a living in a few small market stations or papers she wouldn’t allow her editor to pull dumb crap like the defcon story.

    They should send her down to the minors for seasoning for a few years and fire her editor for being a bone head.

  16. hhopper says:

    I’m surprised this woman’s brain is smart enough to keep her lungs breathing.

  17. Tanqueray says:

    Trying to outsmart hackers what a joke.

  18. gquaglia says:

    I’d hit her.

  19. Angel H. Wong says:

    Another blonde moment.

  20. Dauragon88 says:


    Thats because back then chubby meant you weren’t starving to death, which in turn meant that you were rich and had a nice big fat dowry.

    What I don’t understand is how she thought she could still get away with it, knowing good godamn well they knew she was there! They contacted her 4 times!


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