We all know that Bonds is already under fire over steroids, but this latest accusation of poor sportsmanship has to do with the jointed armored cup he wears over his elbow. This modern rambrace/couter assembly is claimed to give Bonds an unfair advantage both psychological and physical.

Beyond his alleged steroid use, Barry Bonds is guilty of the use of something that confers extraordinarily unfair mechanical advantage: the “armor” that he wears on his right elbow. Amid the press frenzy over Bonds’ unnatural bulk, the true role of the object on his right arm has simply gone unnoticed.

This is unfortunate, because by my estimate, Bonds’ front arm “armor” may have contributed no fewer than 75 to 100 home runs to his already steroid-questionable total.

Bonds tied Henry Aaron’s home run record of 755 on Saturday night and will go for the new standard this week back at home in San Francisco.

The article makes some very good points. The device on his arm may not be a bionic super enhancement machine but a brace can definitely help a swing and armor does give you confidence.

  1. iGlobalWarmer says:

    Bond’s “achievements” are aided and tainted. Screw him.

    Sean Penn is an actor and anything he says about anything other than acting is meaningless.

  2. sdf says:

    I say let these boneheads do anything and everything they want to “excel” at their stupid sports, and let darwinism sort it out. they’re all using performance enhancers, it’s just a questions of semantics and legal grey areas.

  3. JoJo Dancer says:

    Hey JZ, no disrespect man. But it does state “Please leave a comment” for a reason. I don’t think many of us really want to read a blog post unless ofcourse we subscribe to it. Dvorak.org/blog is already a blog which we all are able to “comment” on.

    If you are going to comment a “blog” type post, then maybe it would be best if you um, started your own blog?

  4. KVolk says:

    I only have an issue with Bonds because he is a jerk. He is going to pay the price for steriod abuse when he dies in his 50′s and the record he set’s will be broken by Arod in the next 15 years so his fame is even more fleeting. I think all professional athletes should be made to read Marlowes Dr. Faustus to see what kind of decisions they will be facing.

  5. Early baseball was a game played without gloves. During the slow transition to gloves, a player who continued to play without one was called a barehanded catcher. This did not refer to the position of Catcher, but rather to the practice of catching with bare hands.

  6. I like to skate on the other side of the ice.

  7. daniel says:

    do they sell this elbow guard anywhere ??