You’d be cowering in your room too if you were bought by a 54 year old virgin with decades of pent up sexual desires to unleash upon you!

Apparently, dead 8 year old girls are all the rage in Japan!

See more pictures and hear her moan over at Gizmodo:

Thank the Japanese for pushing humanity one step closer to sexbots: This almost-perfect, silicon-made Honey Doll is equipped with touch sensors that will make her moan with different sounds.

  1. Mr. Fusion says:


    I understand your revulsion and the basis for your opinion. I respect that. My kid turns eight next week.

    My comment though is judging a person’s age is very difficult. What appears to you to be eight, could be 12 in someone else’s eyes. Or 15. Or, as with a manikin, 22. When I judge a person’s age, one of the things I look at is the body. Tits on a very young girl would make me expect her to be at least 12. Hips could add another two years to that estimate.

    To answer your point about the tits on a refrigerator, I think you might end up with the equivalent of a 22 yr old refrigerator that charges every time you put something in it.

  2. TIHZ_HO says:

    #28 Not so much the hormones in Shampoo but the growth hormones in USA beef that does the trick!


  3. Mister Mustard says:

    >>And blame it on the hormones they put in shampoo.

    I wonder if that turns you gay, like eating soy-based food products? Where’s a good holy roller when you need one?

  4. Ralph the School Bus Driver says:

    #37, Naa, when you put hormones ON chickens, they grow feathers. You want to put the hormones IN the chicken so they get meaty, beaty, and bouncy.

  5. Lex Allen says:

    So what if the site got hacked and the moans were replace with ‘You didn’t take out the trash!!” and “your not going out drinking with your buddies!!”

  6. Bob h says:

    Better that they have these dolls than the real girl.

  7. Alida00 says:

    Who cares how old they look? They are robots! Not only that, but Americans need to take a second to realize that 18 is not the end all legal age in every country. Not even in every state, for that matter. If you didn’t notice, there’s an obsession with school girls everywhere. It’s attractive. So what? I suppose dildos are too graphic as well. The smaller ones might emulate an immature or underage penis and have to be taken off the market for being inappropriate as well. Give me a break. I think perhaps we should all masturbate a little bit more and we wouldn’t be having these kinds of dilemmas.

  8. baelnal says:

    Okay, so, it looks as young as your 8 year old niece. Except, it’s NOT your 8 year old niece. Or anyone’s 8 year old anything for that matter. I fail to see why this is a problem.

    Okay, no. I know why some people think it’s a problem. They think it’s a problem because they’re paranoid some outburst of pedophilia is gonna start up and thier 8 year olds are going to be the target.

    News flash, they already are, and were long before these were put into production.

    Personally? I encourage stuff like this. Now instead of your children being the only target for those with taboo impulses, there’s a non-consequential alternative. No child mind destroyed, no laws broken, no pedophiles sitting in thier car with free candy outside the elementry schools.

  9. Old Muntain Man 55 says:

    Well, perhaps I’m just an old coot, but I figure I’d rather have the pervs doing a doll rather than an innocent child. I’d let them have all the dolls they want, but if they go near a child then I’m all for the death penalty

  10. Jack says:

    # 43
    Pervs doin it to a doll, then to a child?

    Nahhh that wouldn’t happen.

    ..orrr? Hmm maybe?

  11. cjd says:

    SN are y9u crazy?? this doesn’t look like a pre-teen. Have you ever met a Japanese girl before? They are almost all small. chill out.

  12. james says:

    I dont know what all the fuss is about, if anyone wants to shag a preteen looking doll then why not, it,s only fantasy

  13. Olaf of Framia says:

    Epic nerd battle above! Like the BIG BANG THEORY guys arguing about how Superman can clean his costume when it gets dirty.

  14. Ben says:

    Ho do I get one of these dolls?

  15. Usahana says:

    Look at the size of the doll’s breasts – no average 8, 10 or 12 year-old girl has breasts that size. In my opinion, realistically, she looks between the ages of 16 and 18. In fact, I’ve seen Japanese women over 20 who look like that! Just because she’s wearing a school uniform doesn’t mean she’s 8 years old. It’s actually uncommon for an 8 year old to wear something like that considering that particular style of uniform is generally reserved for Junior or Senior High School students only in Japan.

  16. Icarus326 says:

    Does it matter how old the doll looks? How is this any different than a blowup doll aside from the fact it looks more realistic.

  17. s hawkins says:

    all the dolls should come with identification saying they are of legal age this would stop any problems

  18. Darkness says:

    Let us not forget that no matter how they look, they are but sex toys.

    It is better to get out repressed urges (if they appear) on a sex toy, rather than in real life.

    More specific: IF old businessman “Yoshi” finds out he wants to try sadomasochism, and seems unable to forget about it, he can either hire a hooker and beat the shit out of her, and get sent to jail with a broken conscience, or, he can get one of these and do… whatever he likes.

    So each time a pedophile buys one and screws it, one child can still go safe out there.

    Brutal teen violence fell down to half when violent videogames turned mainstream. So why not with these? I mean, are any of you aware that Japan has the lowest rape based crime rates?

    Taboo is so out, I mean yeah, its “taboo” for many to bang a doll, but hey… that same taboo reduces rape, pedophilia, and even things like bestiality.

    Its not like miss or mr pedophile is not gonna fantasize about doing kids anyways huh? And that is rarely enough… so either, he can get this doll, or become a catholic priest, and that depends on what the stores are open minded and preventive enough to sell.

    Another viewpoint by provided by your unfriendly neighborhood Darkness.

  19. Darkness says:

    Truth be told, I would LOVE to get one of these, except older, since I am into women older than myself anyways (less silly games, insecurities etc, more experience 😉

    Anyway, I would still date, just that when my date screws up, or I simply do not feel like going trough the effort again (I am at that point now, dated with a lot of insecure women that try using me as dr.Phil, resulting in me telling them to get a shrink and leave me alone)

    And speaking of fantasies… she may look like 12, but she is actually 16 😉

    (16 is legal age over here 😉 And its not like I am 80 years old… I am 25.

  20. james says:

    I am glad the Japanese government is not legislating what one can fabricate from an inanimate material like silicone. These dolls are nothing but silicone. They are not real or human, and they are not harming any person. Take a look around your home. You have lots of things made from silicone. The real question is whether we have the freedom to make an inanimate object from silicone and do with it as we please in the privacy of our home. I hope that we do, and if so, I don’t care if the doll replicates an 8 year old or 80 year old.

  21. Him420 says:

    It’s better than going out and mulesting a underage girl. If someone can live with a toy instead of a real preteen more power to that person. This thing could help perverts. How cares it’s just plastic. Better a fake toy then your daughter or a rape.

  22. casperia says:

    For all the idiots that don’t see where our future is headed, this and all the crap available on the internet (and basic TV channels) is corrupting society… and Yes, how long do you think it takes for a pervert to want to rape a real girl. I don’t care if she looks 8 or 30. WAKE THE HELL UP people!!

    Is there is anyone out there who wants to get together and do something to make a change in this world? Alone we may be just one person who can’t change it, but together we might be able to stop the progression of filth and corruption in our childrens world.

    I am no way a prude or unrealistic person. I am simply a mother of five children and I am disturbed when my 13 yr old tells me about the “old men” who try to hit on her on her way home from school. I often feel like I am the only one who sees what’s going on, and how even basic TV is affecting our society. What happened to “science sells?” Nowadays as we all know, sex is the only thing that is used to sell anything. Students going into science majors has dwindled, while more teen girls are turning to stripping as their “independant contracting careers!!” If you don’t see how this is impacting the future you are BLIND! Who will research medical advancement if we are teaching our children that sex is really the only important thing?

    I was thrilled to hear someone was protesting Hooters on the news. Apparently they have a T-shirt that says “Hooters girl in the making” Yes, thats right poeple this is what we are teaching our daughters.

    As for the guy who wrote it’s not your 8 year neice… so what…

    Well, I bet you’d feel differently if you understood how ALL the children in this world are affected because of the men like you who don’t see this problem as universal. You can’t protect or teach your own daughter if your neighbors daughter poses nude and you buy the magazine!! You can’t be strict with what your own daughter does or wears but have no problem trying to screw her teenage friends!

    If anyone is interested in trying to brainstorm on how to stop this from coming to the US and change the progression of our society please contact me at

  23. badger says:

    I think she looks very mature for her age.

  24. jerosh says:

    hmmmm i guess yall figured it out the main reason that why there developig this sort of that so they can they can keep the population under control well the human poplation in general and besides natural distater’s don’t always decrease the human population.


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