Take top poster and pass to the left.

Following those instructions, hundreds of Hilliard Darby High School football fans fell into an elaborate prank on Friday night.

When they stood up during a football game against cross-town rival Hilliard Davidson High School and held up squares of construction paper, they thought they were spelling out: “Go Darby.”

But from across the field, Davidson fans read the actual message:

“We suck.”

Hilliard Davidson senior Kyle Garchar masterminded the trick at Crew Stadium and suffered an in-school suspension for it.

  1. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    What? I couldn’t make it out.

  2. bobbo says:

    What is an “in-school suspension.” Sounds like you have to go to school?

    Anything about sports other than your own personal participation in an activity pretty much sucks.

  3. Cinaedh says:

    I guess the suspension was in-school so everyone could congratulate him personally. I can’t believe this sort of thing would generate serious repercussions.

    At college, we burnt the initials of our school on the football field of the cross town college with gasoline, the night before the game. We didn’t get suspended but then again, we weren’t stupid enough to get caught.

    It sure was a sight to see when we ignited it!

    By the way, how long is the statute of limitations for that sort of thing?

  4. Zug says:

    It was a stolen idea. As usual, most of you have never read the original story, this was done at the SUPER BOWL!!


    MUCH better story, far more difficult to plan and implement. There is more security at a Super Bowl than there is for a Presidential visit.

    … and the kid ripped on his own team. A dickish thing to do, even for a jock-hating nerd.

  5. DWY says:

    I was at the game and my daughter attends Darby and thought it was hilarious; the principal is way out of line and is being forced by idiot parents.

  6. Mister Mustard says:

    Christ. Talk about having too much time on your hands. The kid should work on a usable hack for the iPhone or something.

    And I couldn’t make it out either, other than the graph-paper rendition of what the sign was supposed to say.

  7. Milo says:

    I think they suspended him because the smart always frighten the stupid.

  8. ralph says:

    Another case of politically correct retards. The kid didn’t hurt anyone and it took some smarts to do.

  9. moss says:


  10. KagatoAMV says:

    #4, is there another account that the one that’s linked in this post? The link said the kid was a Davidson student and it was the Darby fans that held up the “We Suck” sign.

    I would assume that if he was ripping on his own team, he would have done something like “You suck” or the like.

  11. zoredache says:

    }} What is an “in-school suspension.” Sounds like you have to go to school?

    In most schools ISS is what was formerly knows as detention. Basically you need to sit around and be bored for a couple hours after school or on the weekend. See the ‘Breakfast Club’ to get an idea.

  12. Shadowbird says:

    #2: from someone who’s been there, ISS is basically like a regular suspension, except you don’t leave school grounds, are isolated from the rest of the students, and are supervised by a teacher. Although when I was in ISS (and this was when I was in my single digits around a decade and a half ago), the supervision part was optional.

    It doesn’t work very well as a disciplinary measure in my opinion, because it just allows the punished to stew in their anger or (if they’re not supervised, as I wasn’t) slack off even more. (Besides, coming from a town where high school football isn’t an extracurricular activity, it’s a town-wide obsession, I find this rather funny, really.)

  13. bill says:

    Ledgendary! I predict great things for him.

  14. Undissembled says:

    I hope he was a senior, or the rest of his years will be rough. he he

  15. Undissembled says:

    Okay… the rest of the year.

  16. Nate says:

    [Duplicate post. – ed.]

  17. Winston Smith says:

    #4 Zug, you misread the article. He tricked the opposing team’s fans.

    Also, the first card trick prank that I know of was at the 1961 Rose Bowl when the University of Washington was pranked by the California Institute of Technology. Since these card tricks have been a halftime mainstay at football games for about 100 years there were surely pranks done even before that.

    Anyway, since school administrators these days discourage original thinking and non-conformity, it is no surprise that the kid was suspended.

  18. Greymoon says:

    Seems to me that the principle needs an ‘I Suck’ bumper sticker on his car, mailbox and, if possible, the back of his office chair.

  19. Timbo says:

    Let’s hear it for the Aspergers kids that the jocks pick on!

  20. Vinny says:

    Stolen or not, still a great prank. Worth 3 days of ISS IMHO.

    Many senior pranks have become either unoriginal, destructive, or a despicable act upon others. This was smart, harmless, and easy to laugh at no matter which side you were on. If I had held up the placards in that show, I’d have felt stupid but at least would have had to say “it was a good gag.”

    The ISS was required, though. As a school administrator, I’d have congratulated him on the execution and suspended him as well.

  21. Angel H. Wong says:


    I second that, today’s kids idea of a prank usually involve vandalism mixed with injury and/or rape.

  22. TIHZ_HO says:

    #5 I bet it was! LOL!

    The US is getting too anal.


  23. Job says:

    ISS was great! I was one of those boring-ass gifted/talented students. The first time I got ISS, it was for kicking somebody’s ass – well, not really bad, but I did shove the kid into a 55 gallon trash can full of lunch trash.

    Anyway, I met some of the most interesting people in ISS and detention. Picked up a few hotties here and there, got some great weed connections, met the kids that could drive. Yep, I became a much more interesting person. I actually got into trouble a little more often, just to get ISS and meet other kids. It wasn’t as if my learning halted; oh indeed new vistas dawned for me.

    The nice part about it is, I got many of these kids to open up and talk about what was making them so wound up. Some of them ended up straightening out and going to college, albeit not necessarily because of me. Some of them ended up dead from drug overdose, suicide, or the sad tale of two friends who got drunk and one killed the other in a drunken argument fight.

    I think ISS and detention should be mandatory, and every teacher should have to do some time in there, too.

  24. doug says:

    I don’t think it is “political correctness” as such, but rather the totalitarian mindset of school administrators. I would suggest that the kid call the ACLU and sue the bastards, but after the ‘Bong Hits For Jesus’ case, it is clear that our public schools are free to be islands of tyranny, turning every non-conformist act into a crime.

    Fortunately, this just teaches kids to distrust and despise authority, an all-American value if there ever was one.

    kidos to this kid. he will have quite a story to tell his grandkids.

  25. Mr. Fusion says:

    C’mon, this was a good prank. I do believe that the administrators can not let this pass though and therefore came up with a mild form of punishment.

    The student won’t be scarred for life, won’t have his education disrupted, the administration can say they did something, and life will go on.

  26. Balbas says:

    In-school suspension = detention? A kind of study hall?

    Prank should be applauded for brilliance, having been carried out without anyone really realizing the outcome. A slap on the wrist away from other students.

    And the coaching staff should work more diligently to improve the team, rather than moronically (I’m assuming) cheerleading the suspension demand front and center.

  27. iGlobalWarmer (YOY) says:

    Fusion’s got it right. The school can’t completely ignore it but it was a harmless joke. Wish I’d been there to see it.


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