1. framitz says:

    That was truly disturbing.

  2. clockwork oranjaboom says:

    ok DU contribs: lay off the vodka subs before lunch.
    I know you are priming for a long weekend, but…

  3. James Hill says:

    LMAO – And here I thought he was going to give it to her to get her to sleep.

  4. Voltaire says:

    hhoper – one hell of sick video. What’s next? Oh, please do not tell, I quit.

  5. GigG says:

    Are we ABSOLUTly sure that is a real ad?

  6. undissembled says:

    Voltaire. You better not just change your damn name so you can keep coming back and posting! We’ll be watching.

  7. Ascii King says:

    Isn’t that better than a deadbeat dad?

  8. hhopper says:

    That’s NOT a real ad.

    It was made by The Quiet Library.


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