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  1. Thepenguin says:

    O_O and the price tag for that monster?

    I like the hide away car, seems very James Bond’ish to me.
    a cool find.

  2. doug says:

    pretty sweet, and a lot bigger than some Manhattan hotel rooms. while a cool idea in and of itself, I think I would tow the car rather than use up interior room for a garage …

  3. AC says:

    Damn, I gotta get me one!

    Can’t be good on the mileage! LOL

  4. TIHZ_HO says:

    But is it a hybrid?


  5. Mr. Fusion says:

    It must be great for picking up chicks.

  6. Ralph the School Bus Driver says:

    Gee, with this I could live at the bus garage.

  7. natefrog says:

    That’s one expensive penis enlarger. I feel sorry for the guy’s wife.

  8. JimR says:

    … and a carbon footprint the size of North America. When it’s available in solar power i’ll be impressed, otherwise it’s a disturbing symbol of what humans have been, and most still are… selfish, destructive and wasteful.

  9. Ben Waymark says:

    If it runs on diesel maybe you could drive it using veggie oil… 😀

    …. seriously though, what kind of mad nutjob would want white furniture? I mean, leather is great cause it wipes down so easily, but what is the point of having a comfortable couch if you are constantly worried its going to get dirty?

  10. Cinaedh says:

    I must be a pessimist because all I could think about as I looked at the pictures was this thing being t-boned by something like a big, big truck.

    I guess if you have to ask how much the insurance costs, you can’t afford the thing anyway.

  11. Gary Marks says:

    I’m in favor of maximizing utility, so I’d like to see an optional drive-on floating platform so this bus could provide the living accommodations, and even the motive power, for a houseboat as well. And the purchase price would also include the cost of building a small wind generator farm to offset the carbon footprint (and clear our guilty conscience).

    The picture (2nd from top) makes it look like the bus is giving birth to a car. It appears that unprotected sex paid off quite handsomely (it’s a cute baby Mercedes). What sort of vehicle was the father? Oh, nevermind, I’m getting a flood of disturbing mental images…

  12. TIHZ_HO says:

    #7 They’ll plant a tree – ok?

    Geeze, the propaganda kicks in…

    It’s made out of carbon fibre already, so it equals out…


  13. rich584 says:

    My brother has one. Not quite as spiffy as that one, but pretty well appointed. He was in NJ last year and stayed with us for about a week. I’m 6’4″ and I could stand up and not hit my head anywhere. Impressive at first glance, but after a week began feeling cramped. Nice to travel with, better than a cheap hotel room or an expensive one for that matter.

    Did I feel lust in my heart and run out and buy one? No. I can think of a lot of ways to spend a quarter of million dollars (more for the larger models) that make more sense than that.

  14. Jeremy says:

    Where is the Door to get in or out, is it that little thin thing where the front passender sits?

    And about the Gas, People that OWN these things do not think about that cost. These are the same people the drop115 dollars on a trank of gas. (premuim)

  15. KVolk says:

    The nomadic life style up dated to the 21st century.

  16. Gary Marks says:

    lol KVolk, there ya go! And there’s plenty of room in the bus for a wealthy nomadic bedouin to transport his herd of sheep or goats from place to place as they forage for vegetation. Sometimes it’s funny what traditionally dirt-poor cultures do when they come into money 😉

  17. Misanthropic Scott says:

    This must be iGlobalWarmer’s dream vehicle. He could sit in it watching football in his underwear, drinking beer, and farting, all the while letting the motor run just to keep the air conditioning on. During commercials, he could probably drive a few laps around the block, just to burn a bit more diesel fuel.

  18. NappyHeadedHo says:

    My ass would probably have to ride in the back.

  19. ECA says:

    They have 1 that ALSO goes on water..Starting price is $800,000

  20. ECA says:

    They CAN BE high centered, thats why you put the car UNDER it.

    I would like to see a modification…
    LOWER the floors.
    Make it 2 floors inside…

  21. TIHZ_HO says:

    #17 And what’s wrong with that? 😉


  22. TIHZ_HO says:

    I do agree with the comments about the white upholstery – it looks a bit like Tony Soprano’s living room – all you need is the music wall decoration.

    Maybe this is targeted to the working class rich…?


  23. OmarTheAlien says:

    After thirty-five years of a semi-nomadic life style just the thought of traveling severely elevates my stress levels. I wouldn’t even leave my county, except I live less than a mile from the county line and the nearest grocery store is in the next county. A friend of mine has something like that, and he and his family just returned from a jaunt into Canada, and he’s still a bit miffed over my disparaging remarks.

  24. iGlobalWarmer (YOY) says:

    #17 – I don’t believe in wasting fuel so I wouldn’t do unnecessary laps around the block.

    And who says I’d be wearing underwear? (Apologies for the visual that gives the rest of you, but Scott started it!) 🙂

  25. Cinaedh says:

    #22 – TIHZ_HO

    “Maybe this is targeted to the working class rich…?”

    No, the working crass rich…


  26. Misanthropic Scott says:

    #24 – iGW,

    I knew you wouldn’t let me down …

  27. dana says:

    I need one. I want one

  28. iGlobalWarmer (YOY) says:

    #26 – Scott – I like you, but you’re a pessimist. Not everyone can have a vehicle like that: I certainly can’t afford it. However, there is nothing wrong with a society where everyone wants a vehicle like that.

  29. RWP says:

    These things always look like Vegas high roller suites. You would think that an automobile designer could improve on the style of these rolling bordellos.

  30. koustubhan says:

    I’m interested in booking one of this, Mr. Dave, where and whom can i contact? Plz. Help


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