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Halo 3 is for sissies!

It all started with The Colossal Cave Adventure (or just Adventure) written in Fortran in 1976. Next came Dungeon the following year, but everyone called it Zork. And computer games were never the same afterwards.

69105 forever!

  1. astro says:

    My RSS feed of dvorak showed this, this morning:
    NBC Pulls The Plug On Story About Its Servers Being Hacked, Using Only A Regular Web Browser :

    I wonder what happened to this story… It got pulled?

  2. Angus says:

    ZOMG Where was this when I has 10 years old!?!?! Great find for us old, old, old gamers. Ah, the memories of text adventure games…

  3. ArianeB says:

    Zork hasnt been forgotten, at least by the producers of the new tv show Chuck (Monday NBC). The terrible troll raises his sword…

  4. Les says:

    The Zork series was pretty easy compared to Colossal Cave Adv. I finished each of the Zorks (1,2,3) in about 2 weeks. It was years before I figured out the end game in 500 point adventure, although the 350 point version was much easier.

    I miss those days.

    ps. My license plates say XYZZY

  5. DBlock says:

    Damn, I never knew I was that close the the bank lobby.

  6. Balbas says:

    I still have my graph-paper map I drew for the Infocom version.

  7. Uncle Dave says:

    I missed Zork but I had a blast with WIZARDERY on my Apple IIe with dual floppies and a 10-meg hard disk, the size of a shoe box. From there I graduated to one of the first IBM-XTs with a 20-meg “hard-card”. But only after moving away from my “Commode-odor 64” and the Coleco Adam with “dual cassette tape drives”!! … {:-)

    You are standing at a large wooden door. There is a path behind you … [OPEN DOOR] …

  8. Gretchen says:

    What a beautiful map. None of the maps I ever drew were that nice…so I got lost a lot in Zork 🙂 Thanks for the nostalgia!


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