So if all Windows apps could theoretically be run using this, tell me again why I need Windows?

Phoenix HyperSpace Bypasses Windows With Fast-Boot Technology

There’s absolutely no reason you should be waiting the three-plus minutes it takes your computer to boot up Windows, says Woody Hobbs, CEO of Phoenix Technologies. And indeed, if Hobbs has his way, you may not have to endure those waits much longer.

Phoenix says its new technology, HyperSpace, will offer mobile PC users the ability to instantly fire up their most used apps — things like e-mail, web browsers and various media players — without using Windows, simply by pressing the F4 button.

“As Windows gets more and more complex, we’ve seen startup times get longer and longer,” says Hobbs. “If I go to the airport and try to connect to a Wi-Fi network, I’m waiting for five minutes just to connect. That’s ridiculous — people usually just give up and use their cell phones or PDAs.”

Microsoft regards HyperSpace as “outside their sphere of influence,” and is not too happy with Phoenix’s offering, which adds yet another voice to the already loud chorus of voices complaining about operating-system bloat.

A student-aimed laptop, for instance, could come with apps like word processing, e-mail and IM preloaded into HyperSpace. Companies could even start releasing HyperSpace versions of applications specifically for the embedded platform, he says.

  1. Angel H. Wong says:


    “Phoenix is currently in talks with most major PC manufacturers, with the notable exception of Apple.”

    Methinks Apple is working on their own version, a “special” clunky version specifically designed to be patented first and thus cripple all further research by competitors.

  2. Greg Allen says:

    I want instant on. And there is no technological reason I can’t have that, right?

    My computer should turn on a fast as my VCR or cellphone. From perception standpoint, it should be always on.

    I’ll say it again — all the current OS’ s are off-track… MacOS, Windows and Linux.

    The best “OS” I have right now is my Palm. I turn it on and it “boots” in less than a second. It almost never ever crashes. Why can’t I have that on my desktop?

  3. OvenMaster says:

    #20: Mr. Mustard:
    You bet it works with Vista.

  4. Greg Allen says:


    You make a good point but couldn’t the OS be in some sort of flash memory that is easily upgradeable?

    If I were design a computer from ground-up, I’d burn the “drivers'” right into the hardware components and motherboard so that the “OS” would mostly be a task switcher and clipboard manager.

  5. gquaglia says:

    #35 That makes too much sense, therefore it will never happen.

  6. Sniper says:

    One question: Will it be DRM compliant. If not, HyperSpace can be a Windows killer. Also, will HyperSpace and Linux play nicely together?

  7. ECA says:

    If something dont play WELL with other facets, then those things are LEFT alone in a corner, and eventually GO AWAY…

    The fun of thiese ideas, comes from Many of us OLDEr folks that have dealt with Other OS, and machines..
    It becomes really a PAIN when we have to deal with the ineptness of what MS and intell are Feeding the consumer.
    Some of the nicest Hardware and OS were built with NO controls from Corps. they were built with Current Tech and hardware, and the OS added to it after.
    Amiga was doing Stereo sound Years before MS/intell.
    Amiga was doing MORE then 256 colors YEARS before MS got Past it.
    Amiga broke the 640K barrier for a PC.
    BOs, made 16 million color Icons..and multiple processors for the HOME…
    Amiga made your PC(Newtech) into a FULL Video audio production setup, with Non-linear Post production.. Which also went into the BOs machines.. A computer setup that ranked(at the time) with a $100,000 setup for around $3000… Look up Newtech and the video toaster and video flyer..

  8. 888 says:

    When we will have 100GHz qgazilion-cores CPUs combined with terabytes of memory, Vista will load in matter of seconds, you’ll see! 🙂
    Out hardware is just way too backward to fully enjoy Microsoft’s finests’ code engineering skills… 😉

  9. Angel H. Wong says:


    And then a mac fan will say “My iMac costs 3 times more and it can outperform your computer but I can only play games that are more than 3 years old.”

  10. BelgianDude says:

    What about the EFI in all of this ?

    shouldn’t the HyperSpace be an extension to EFI ?
    (a better one than the EFI Shell ? )


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