See what happens when people get creative with bleeping.

  1. natefrog says:

    Oh, wow!

    That’s *bleep*ing hilarious!

    Wow, my *bleep*ing stomach hurts!

  2. ECA says:

    Aww, to true…
    ALSO, do you know that the OLD sesame street IS NOT FOR KIDS, and has been released on DVD??

  3. Gasbag says:

    What the F*@#

  4. Rich says:

    Thank you for that! I almost had a stroke. Wonderful.

  5. D Huber says:

    If you like this watch Jimmy Kimmel Live every Friday night (when they aren’t on strike). He does a segment during his monologue where they bleep or blur things that don’t need it. Good stuff.

  6. RBG says:

    2. C’mon ECA, get with it. Didn’t you mean to say:

    “Oh, now I understand why those early Sesame Street years are no longer considered suitable for kids.”


  7. Angel H. Wong says:

    That was ****ing hilarious.


    That’s because they (the parents) don’t want their kids to ask questions, they just want them to be silent and obedient.


    That’s probably the only time I see his talk show.


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