• Dell desktops selling less and less. Laptops rule. But why? What has changed?
  • Microsoft flaws increasing according to ZDNET-UK?
  • Microsoft Titan to compete with Salesforce.
  • Cell phone kills someone when it explodes.
  • FBI goes after botnets.
  • Tivo gets patent for “watch while recording.”
  • Use the Kindle for a razor blade scheme.
  • Google triangulation is an old idea.
  • Continuing stories on how crappy Vista is. I’m suspicious.

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  1. Anna says:

    You’ve got a couple typos you might wanna fix. Stnadard and Microsfot. Just letting you know.

  2. ECA says:

    1. there isnt Much standard ANY MORE..
    2. MS, is spelled ANY way that expresses an opinion..

    DV, I would LOVE to see a 3.11 system up on the current hardware..
    Someone has made a few changes, to the OS/DOS around the net. and I would think DOOM would roast you ALIVE..

  3. KindAndThoughtful says:

    Thank you for the post. By the way, I love the new format.

  4. Mister Mustard says:

    Good luck to ya if you install Vista. Just don’t ever “restart” the machine. You’ll be in a nursing home before you’re ready to start working again.

  5. Gasparrini says:

    The only thing that I can recommend in regards to Vista is to make sure to have Vista specific drivers. If the OS tells you not to install the driver, don’t do it. Most likely it will give you a BSOD. In this case use system restore. The system notification can be disabled quite easily, just Google it for instructions. Any game that is DX10 ready will run faster on Vista (and will probably look better). The larger desktop icons seem annoying at first but then you get used to it.

  6. Glenn E says:

    Here’s what I DON’T like about laptops. I spent some time getting the ergonomics of my desktop and it monitor, just right to eliminate neck and eye strain. And yet laptops have a smaller, more cramped keyboard. And an attached LCD screen that’s only inches above the keys. How are their users not experiencing neck and eye strain? Laptops are nice for when you’ve got no alternative way to use a PC, like on a train or plane trip. Or away at a ski lodge or something. But not for long term use. Besides Laptops have always been slower and had less capacity than the desktops of the same generation. Which I guess isn’t important to those that value the freedom to take the things everywhere and anywhere. But I think they will eventually grow out of this love affair. And go back to a desktop, if they’re still being made. It’s not the same as CDs vs LPs. More like 45rpm vs 33rpm records. The singles were nice to have now and then. But the LPs were higher quality and contained more music. The smaller records also get damaged more easily. Same with the laptop PCes.

    BTW, talk about “taking over”. My local libraries all gave a “laptop station” with an electrical outlet, and maybe a phone jack too. So far it’s just one seat, but that could turn into six, in time.

  7. qsabe says:

    Laptops are fine for those who use the computer for communicating online, browsing the web and such. I get a kick out of the Ubantu site where they say it comes with a word processor, a spreadsheet and an email package. Everything you need on a computer. Maybe that is true for the many, however for any modern use such as video editing, image manipulation and management, web creation and other advanced modern computer uses, a laptop just doesn’t cut it. You still need the big box with all the plug in slots.

  8. Mister Mustard says:

    >>And yet laptops have a smaller, more cramped
    >>keyboard. And an attached LCD screen that’s
    >>only inches above the keys.

    Get a wireless keyboard/ mouse and an external monitor, like most people who use a laptop in their office every day do. And with an external monitor, you can set it up in a dual-monitor configuration. Highly recommended.

  9. GregInChicagoland says:

    What’s up with the “bubbling brook” in the background of the audio clip?

  10. elranchero says:

    I will never buy another desktop machine.


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