Twelve states have sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over new regulations that the plaintiffs say make it harder for the public to learn about toxic chemicals in their communities.

The lawsuit focuses on the agency’s Toxics Release Inventory program, known as TRI, which requires companies to provide information on the type and amount of toxic chemicals stored in company facilities and to say how much is released into the environment.

The revised regulations reduce the amount of information companies must provide for most toxic chemicals, increasing by 10 times the quantity of chemical waste a facility can emit without giving detailed reports.

The lawsuit claims the new rules weaken reporting requirements for the majority of the most dangerous toxic chemicals, including lead and mercury, that build up in the body.

Congress and the White House should be moved to a Superfund site. Politicians should be required to eat and sleep right in the middle of the crud they say we needn’t worry about.

  1. qsabe says:

    Republican dollars still rule.

  2. eyeofthetiger says:

    Wasn’t the Toxic Avenger a soft-core porn/B movie?
    Clearly, dumping chemicals into public lands is a matter of national security, therefore, any prying eyes are de facto evil doer eyes.

  3. jlm says:

    the corporations always win

  4. Mister Mustard says:

    Heckuva a job!

    The Chimperor in Chief got rid of Christine Todd Whitman (one of the few reasonable Republicans [using “reasonable” loosely here]), and now he’s got free reign to defile, despoil, and pollute the country beyond recognition. All in the name of profit.

    I think I see a Presidential Medal of Freedom for someone in all this. I wonder if Dumbya can give one to himself?

  5. Li says:

    I’m not a big fan of regulation of this sort;

    . . . which is clearly a waste of time and resources, not to mention the theft of that couple’s life savings over a branch or two. But this is not that sort of regulation, this is the ‘saving lives, health and resources’ sort of regulation. Note that this administration has done nothing to counter regulation that kills small businesses and impoverishes the people, while doing everything they can to gut regulation that is actually useful? I wonder why that is. Perhaps someday the fat cats will realize that we all have to breath the same air and drink the same water, but I fear that might only happen just as the foam starts shooting out of their collective mealy mouths.

  6. Angel H. Wong says:

    Maybe the U.S. Goverment is trying to create teenage mutant ninja turtles.

  7. MikeN says:

    Doesn’t the EPA use standards along the lines of safe to eat 350 days out of the year while opponents argue for laxer standards of dirt that is safe to eat 150 days out of the year? Plus the EPA insisted on billions for a Hudson River cleanup that the locals didn’t want. How about we limit the EPA to air and water pollution, and leave local site cleanup up to the locals?
    If they want to dump toxic chemicals so be it.

  8. Li says:

    The most amazing thing about the current right wing movement is encapsulated in that sentence:

    “If they want to dump toxic chemicals so be it.”

    So, there is no desire to cancel excess governance when it hurts the little guy (see my earlier example), but if it prevents some fat cat from hurting the little guy, prepare the fainting couch! Since, statistically, most of the 30%ers are not rich, that must mean that they are deeply masochistic; in other words, one must really like being pissed on from the tenth floor if they are doing everything they can to legalize it, and to stand in just the right spot. That attitude might explain how deeply kinky their leaders are, actually.

    Beat me harder! Pollute my groundwater! Make it hard for me to breath! Harder, harder!


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