Iran’s main opposition movement should be removed from the British government’s list of banned terrorist organisations, a court has ruled.

The decision by the Proscribed Organisations Appeal Commission (Poac) is a major victory for the People’s Mujahideen of Iran, which has been engaged in a long-running legal battle to be taken off the list, which includes groups such as al-Qaida and the Kurdistan Workers party, or PKK.

Poac ruled that the decision not to remove the organisation from the proscribed terrorist blacklist, drawn up under the 2000 Terrorist Act, was “perverse”…

We’re quibbling with traditional Brit legalisms – but – if the definition fits, let the jerks wear it.

  1. edwinrogers says:

    I am not entirely sure that is what the Law Lord meant, when he used the word “perverse”. The English have subtler nuances of perversion, than Americans.

  2. Ubiquitous Talking Head says:

    Buggers, Sirrah!

  3. Phillep says:

    #1, Ah, yup. “Nuanced”. Yup. I have a friend who made sure I was kept informed on those “nuances”. (Oh, boy, are some of those practices “nuanced”. And “practiced”.)

    (Ahem, back to the article):

    “The People’s Mujahideen, originally a Marxist-Islamist group, was set up in the mid-1960s to oppose the US-backed dictatorship of the late Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi. It participated in the country’s Islamic revolution but fell out with the clerical government and launched a campaign of assassinations and bombings to try to topple it.”

    That group sounds like terrorists to me. “Freedom fighters” and “terrorists” are the same thing, right? Even if they are trying to enslave everyone to a religion?

    Wait a minute. Marx called religion “the opiate of the masses”. “Marxist-Islamist”?

  4. doug says:

    #3. “Marxist-Islamic” is no more perverse than Marxist-Catholic, ie ‘liberation theology.’

    once you think about it – it is just a combination of two mythologies, kind of like a team-up between Superman and the Hulk.


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