• Mid span day.
  • 18-year-old kid in NZ behind huge 1.5 million machine botnet. BUSTED!
  • People annoyed with Leopard OS.
  • Burt Reynolds the new Dell dude.
  • Is WiMAX cursed?
  • Open Solaris pushed by IBM.
  • Brit disks still scandalous.
  • Ed Zander out at Motorola.
  • Guy not really killed by cell phone.

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  1. Gasbag says:

    A 18 year old New Zealander on a farm doing something other then having “FUN” with sheep?

  2. Jim says:

    Hmmm so people really have their systems crashing and rebooting that often? I have XP-64 on my laptop (18months) and my desktop (2+ years, though rebuilt the machine last month, LOVE my new MB) and they don’t crash. Ever. I have had corsair memory go bad and cause me to think it was XP, my bad. I believe the longest I went without reboots was 2 months. I keep the laptop up for various things so it’s more a movable desktop than a real mobile machine. The desktop had an oracle DB and photoshop amongst other things running. I haven’t reset that up yet because I needed to build a new drive (when you’re THINKING the problem is XP and your drives, it doesn’t occur to you to actually test your memory too.)

    Admittedly, I don’t click on hundreds of websites or read facebooks or download dozens of cracked programs. I do download software packages for work over my cable link (4x as fast) but Oracle has those nice and zipped up.

    So tell me, what all do you all DO to cause these weekly crashes?

  3. ChrisMac says:

    If “your” computer crashes.. “you” suck at computers

  4. moss says:

    Golly gee, Chris. Where is this pipeline you have to 100% quality assurance on hardware and all the software you use?

    Or should I adopt your tone and just call you an elitist parasite.

  5. Angel H. Wong says:

    Wait a sec, they dumped the Dell kid because he smoked pot and then Dell hires a man that shouldn’t have posed naked on Playgirl ever?

  6. Glenn E says:

    I’m running XP SP2, and just last week it would accept logins on the welcome page. After several reboots, it kinda worked. So I ran Chkdsk (or whatever it’s called) on it, and after going over the entire C: drive, it seems to be Ok now. Not XP’s fault. Probably the harddrive got a little flaky. The same could be true of the Leopard OS. A few faulty harddrives could be the real problem.

  7. Glenn E says:

    “They” got the idea for the exploding cellphone from an episode of NBC’s “Chuck” (about a month ago). Which was also a fake, because the character in the story didn’t die from the explosion. Anyway, I resent the implication that I “want to believe that someone could die that way.” The news seems to love exploding battery stories, because it discourages the sales of hybrid and fully electric cars. Yet none have ever been reported as exploding. It would be all over the news if one ever did! Instead the scare mongers resort to exploding laptop and cellphone stories.

  8. Charbax says:

    Don’t you think that:

    1. There is a conspiracy from the established telecoms against WiMax cause WiMax would make previous 3G and other technologies completely useless. Those big telecoms probably will try to kill off the prospects of the 700mhz auction bringing in any disruptive cheap mobile broadband network.

    2. There is a conspiracy in South Korea cause LG is one of South Koreas biggest companies, so to make sure there wasn’t too much bad press they simply made up some story about the guy having been killed instead of the Lithium-Ion battery having exploded.


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