Could I have some Bald Eagle nuggets and some Panda stew with that?

Whale curry for lunch? – With the Japanese whaling fleet steaming towards Antarctica, one entrepreneur is determined to get his countrymen turned on to the mammal’s meat.
It sounds disgusting, but whale curry is being sold as a takeaway lunch to office workers in central Tokyo.
Amazingly, it is attracting curious customers who seldom eat the meat amid an international row over hunting the giant mammals.
While most of the rest of the world frets over the survival of the species, the Japanese are getting used to eating it again.
Dozens of customers, aged mostly in their 20s to 40s, ordered minke whale curry sold on a van at £3 (US$6) a box.
Hiroki Nakashima, a 24-year-old engineer, said: ‘I understand foreign people don’t like this, the same way that many Japanese don’t like Koreans eating dog meat. But I have no prejudice against whale meat.’

If you get three Whale Curry combos you get to club a baby seal for free… Well, not really, but with a story like this you would almost believe it.

  1. jlm says:

    hmm I thought they started hunting just a few of them again just for “scientific” or “research” reasons…good to hear they just plan on drumming up an appetite so they can wipe them all out

  2. Steve says:

    #1 Hmmm, scientific research on taste bud compatibility with minke whale meat.

    Does it taste like chicken?


  3. MikeN says:

    As long as they don’t kill off the species this is fine with me. They should keep some around to be eaten later.

    Evolution says survival of the fittest, and menhunting whales is part of nature.

  4. Dallas says:

    That is the one thing I despise about the Japanese. It’s a great culture and great people but seeing how they approve of whale hunting, shark finning and other things is disgusting.

    It appears the government there panders to a still large voting public stuck in 17th century thinking. I’m glad our great president Bush is forward thinking and does not do that.

  5. Phillep says:

    The whale meat I ate (long ago in Iceland) tasted a bit like bolgna. Nothing to go back for seconds over.

    The Japanese fleets use “scientific research” as a loop hole for hunting whales for commercial purposes.

    Canada, the US, and most of Europe practice conservation. Most of the rest of the world does not. The corrupt 3rd world nations regard laws as a revenue source, pay enough money and you can do whatever you like. Wipe out any species, have sex with children, grow opium or cocain for the drug trade, etc

  6. Thinker says:

    Perhaps its time to start a conflict with the Japanese? Our Navy could be down there conducting ‘Scientific Research’ while harassing the whaling fleet. : ) Its for a good cause.

  7. Phillep says:

    Ugh. Coffee. Must have cofffffeeee.

    I don’t count the Japanese as 3rd worlders, and I’ve never heard of bribing a Japanese street cop.

    Failure would lead to a sharp drop in quality of life for a few years. Japanese prisons are harsh.

  8. tallwookie says:

    dolphin tastes better

  9. Improbus says:

    Did anyone notice the subliminal pot leaf off the girls (photo) right shoulder?

  10. Gasparrini says:

    #9, That’s a good eye!

  11. GigG says:

    Just send some subs down and have them ping at a freq that makes the whales leave the area.

    Not that we have a lot of room to talk. We still let various tribes in Alaska hunt them. I know they say it is a cultural tradition be owning slaves used to be a cultural tradition in the South and we stopped that.

  12. MikeN says:

    The cultural tribes in Alaska shouldn’t be allowed to hunt whales. If they want to claim it’s their tradition, then make them use harpoons, not rifles.

  13. DaveW says:

    I hate curry.

  14. Phillep says:

    #9, I missed that. Good spot. (What is a pot leaf doing on display in Japan?)

    #12, Mike, I believe the Alaska natives do use harpoons. The exploding head harpoons (invented over 150yrs ago) decrease the number of whales lost due to bad strikes. Rifles might be used to finish off a struck whale, but a harpoon has to be in the whale or it will sink.

    People living in that climate require a heck of a lot of calories, and sea animals provide it. The fedgov tried to shift them over to “normal” calories, but the program got trimmed down from a year’s supply of supplemental food to a single turkey or ham (I forget which) the first year, and some cheese the next.

    Anyone who trusts their life to Congressional whim is a Darwin candidate.

  15. Thinker says:

    I have no trouble with eskimo’s that harvest/hunt whales singly in small boats. And the Eskimo’s have much more respect for the whales than the Japanese.

    What I object to is the fleets of boats the japs send around to get lots and lots of whales, they’re not subsitance hunters like the Innuit.

  16. gtriamy says:

    Hiroki Nakashima is as dumb as an American. Does he mean that Japs don’t eat dog because they think dogs are endangered? If this is what Japanese culture is selling, its as bad as the USA over there.

  17. tallwookie says:

    #13 – obviously you havent had good whale curry yet – see, the trick is to tenderize the whale meat while its still on the whale

  18. FUALL says:

    whales are tasty

  19. Nay says:

    Bald eagles are off the endangered species list, FYI.


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