An updated list of all records and files destroyed by the fire at the Whitehouse. Awaiting official spokesperson…
Here’s a very small list:

All Executive Branch internal correspondence since January, 2001

All RNC computer servers, back-up servers, and archival back-ups

The original Downing Street Memo and associated notes

Valerie Plame and the White House investigation of the leak (W.H. UPDATE: no records of Valerie Plame investigation destroyed as there was no investigation)

Bandar Bush docs

God’s personal correspondence with President Bush including those related to the invasion of Iraq

No-bid Halliburton contracts

How convenient! The list goes on…

  1. Steve-O says:

    Wow! A shit stain post from the Daily Kooks.

    Oh wait, they were being sarcastic…….sorry

  2. flyingelvis says:

    This has to be the lamest GD story to date.

  3. joe da man says:

    that is lame, lame, lame attempt for liberal humor. C’mon you guys can do better

  4. MikeN says:

    They’re so technologically backwards,they need a fire to destroy everything.

  5. Pestilence says:

    The sad part is that a bunch of bleeding heart liberals will actually believe this crap.

  6. god says:

    I see the neocon nutballs persist in hating the medium as much as the message. Truth always hurts – even wrapped in satire.

  7. Named says:


    Unlike those rock solid conservatives?

  8. Steve-O says:

    #8 Named – Just because you have a bunch of religious idiots posting on a blog does not detract from what Pestilence posted.

    There will still be a bunch of bleeding heart liberals who will believe the fire.

  9. Named says:


    You mean, there wasn’t a fire? Or is satire / humour too much for people these days?

  10. Steve-O says:

    #10 – It’s just too much for some people.

    For you and me it’s okay. 😉

  11. Mister Conspiracy says:

    Apparently a group of gay Republican men (I know, that is redundant) were lighting farts and it got out of control.

  12. George Jetson says:

    Fire? Well it’s clear somebody didn’t attend the Bill and Hillary Clinton seminar on how to properly shred and dispose of embarrassing documents.

  13. billabong says:

    So you nutballs don’t think that the big Dick would do something like this?

  14. Jack Flanders says:

    It’s a joke…it’s FUNNY.

    There’s a reason 98% of comedians are liberal, Republicans just don’t have a sense of humor. 🙂

    I laughed at plenty of Clinton and Carter jokes. I still remember Dan Akroyd’s freaken hilarious Jimmy Carter impersonations. And SNL didn’t exactly stop doing Presidential jokes/impressions during Clinton’s 8 years.

  15. Mister Catshit says:

    This is absolutely hilarious.

    No wonder the Right Wing Nut Neo-cons Conservative Evangelical Republican Radiohead Shut-ins are so upset. The list is of things they all claim didn’t exist in the first place.

    Reading all the denier’s posts, it is no wonder they are all such losers.

  16. AdmFubar says:

    yeah but what really did get destroyed in the this fire?? it will be interesting to find out. and i’m sure there will be some important documents that will be claimed to have been destroyed in this fire..
    or really have been destroyed…

    it was the fist thing that crossed my mind when i heard this happen…
    waiting and listening…

  17. Steve-O says:

    Yes, it’s a funny, shit stain post from the Daily Kooks.

    Obviously nutballs think Dick could do this, they posted it on their website didn’t they?

    No one ever said it wasn’t funny.

  18. Phillep says:

    By tonight there will be dozens of claims on the internet that the above list is accurate and anything else is a coverup.

    Leftard “satire” consists of saying what they regard as true (even if it’s “fake but accurate”) in a sarcastic way.

  19. OmegaMan says:

    Sorry, it is simply a sign to Cheney for what he can expect of his reward to be bestowed upon him in the afterlife.

  20. Uncle Dave says:

    #22: People with a sense of humor.

  21. Jack Flanders says:

    #22: WOW…you ARE a Republican. NO sense of humor at all. What if I replaced this with Bill Clinton and documents from White Water, File Gate, etc? It’s a joke and funny at that!

    Example of Republican comedian: Dennis Miller – “George W. Bush is a great President and a leader in fighting terrorism.”

  22. Jack Flanders says:

    [Insert sound crickets chirping and Dennis Miller’s show(s) being canceled]

  23. moss says:

    #26 – you’re too gullible, man. Just like [for example] Mort Sahl or Glen Campbell – Republicreeps in show biz know they need to appeal to a broad audience at first – which usually means laughing at the dweebs in charge of the country – and especially the stiffs.

    Get established – you can go back to laughing at what really trips your trigger. You know, like the “Colored” jokes you tell at the American Legion on Friday night with your buds.

  24. Glenn E. says:

    An obvious fake story, as even the list of what might have been destroyed or lost, would also be highly classified. The only thing they couldn’t keep a secret, was news of the fire itself. But the cause will probably be kept from us, or a phony one given. But to start such a fire, just to get rid of some embarrassing documents. Pul-lease! They don’t need to resort to something that obvious and showy. Just lose them in some government warehouse, and crash the inventory computer. Then before they’re even found, do a house cleaning of old records in a few years. Oops!

  25. DeLeMa says:

    #29 –
    Kool, I didn’t recognize that ! Creepy because it’s symbolically accurate ?

    C’mon guys ! You get your sacred cow stabbed and just look how you react !!
    Truth is definitely funnier than fiction…and in this case, tragically so..

  26. Joshua says:

    #20…Phillip…your actually right. They will.

    #24…Jack Flanders….that wouldn’t be funny since those records don’t exist (according to the Clinton’s).

    #28…GlennE….Just give any records you want lost to Hillary. They will never see the light of day after that, or turn up on a table in the residential area of the WH.

  27. Mister Catshit says:

    The effen retarded apologists are cracking me up here. C’mon guys, I already pulled a stitch yesterday, stop making me laugh. It effen well hurts !!!

  28. Matt Garrett says:

    What needs to be catalogued is the amount of Bush Derangement Syndrome that oozes on this website.

  29. Mister Catshit says:

    The one thing I noticed missing from the list were Bush’s personal books. I do understand that he has indeed finished coloring the one so maybe it was moved to the archives. He could still be working on the Barbie Coloring Book though.

  30. RickCain says:

    Well we have to feel sorry for GOP people, after all they suffer from OCD (obsessive Clinton disorder) and none receive sufficient medication nor psychological help for their affliction.


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