Alex Ferguson when he’s not pissed-off

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has reportedly fined his players a total of one million pounds ($1.98m) after their pre-Christmas party ended in sordid front-page headlines.

Disciplinarian Ferguson has left his players in no doubt about who is in charge at Manchester United. Old Trafford chief Ferguson also reminded his superstars that he will not hesitate to sell any player who believes he is bigger than the Premier League club…

Ferguson has also expanded on his dislike of the celebrity lifestyle now enjoyed by many high-profile players.

He added: “What annoys me about some players today is this personal glory thing.

“They score a goal and then knock players out of the road so they can have their own private, personal gratification and praise from the fans. It’s ugly seeing these kind of celebrations.

Fans of American football are supposed to be inured to the sight of 3 lineman performing a 10-second dance after a sack – when, after all, that sack is simply what they’re paid to do. I don’t think so.

The disease of self-aggrandizement matching inflated salaries among athletes has already been noted and condemned worldwide. Nice to see someone sanction the old wallet for public stupidity.

Sir Alex is still my favorite football crank.

  1. moss says:

    And prawn sandwiches suck, anyway.

  2. Graeme Allon says:

    Wasting your time with this post… I can’t imagine any sport which doesn’t have 5 minute TV breaks every ten minutes catching on over the pond TBH.

  3. qsabe says:

    Watching the rich man’s toys play with their balls shouldn’t be high on anyones list of important things to do in life.

  4. AdmFubar says:

    i found all broadcast sporting events boring as could be. really what is the point… it is only exciting if you are playing the game, otherwise it is meaningless

  5. keane-o says:

    #4 – stick with pocket pool.

    #3 – you, too.

  6. Joshua says:

    He’s fighting a losing battle though Eideard. Even the coaches are getting into the *cult of personality* race these day’s.

    I really don’t have a big problem with these guy’s making a fairly hefty wage, after all the owner’s of most of the club’s are making fortune’s off their back’s…..what I don’t like is the attitude of player’s who think their shit dosen’t stink because they can *roid* home run’s or catch large oval shaped ball’s or kick a ball into a net.

    Rugby player’s and hockey player’s should be getting the big buck’s, after all, a hockey puck to the forehead can be dibilitating. 🙂


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