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Although plan A is a good one, I’m shocked! Shocked, I say, that Bush & Co. didn’t have a contingency plan for this ultra-dangerous part of the world. Of course, who could have foreseen or even imagined someone might assassinate a popular opposition leader to a budding dictator? Or that there might be controversy over who killed her and why?

Wondering what your favorite Presidential candidate said just after the attack? Here they are.

U.S. Strives to Keep Footing In Tangled Pakistan Situation

For the Bush administration, there is no Plan B for Pakistan.

The assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto dramatically altered Pakistani politics, forcing the largest opposition party to find new leadership on the eve of an election, jeopardizing a fragile transition to democracy, and leaving Washington even more dependent on the controversial President Pervez Musharraf as the lone pro-U.S. leader in a nation facing growing extremism.

Despite anxiety among intelligence officials and experts, however, the administration is only slightly tweaking a course charted over the past 18 months to support the creation of a political center revolving around Musharraf, according to U.S. officials.

“Plan A still has to work,” said a senior administration official involved in Pakistan policy. “We all have to appeal to moderate forces to come together and carry the election and create a more solidly based government, then use that as a platform to fight the terrorists. ”

U.S. policy remains wedded to Musharraf despite growing warnings from experts, presidential candidates and even a former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan that his dictatorial ways are untenable. Some contend that Pakistan would be better off without him.

“This administration has had a disastrous policy toward Pakistan, as bad as the Iraq policy,” said Robert Templer of the International Crisis Group. “They are clinging to the wreckage of Musharraf, flailing around. . . . Musharraf has outlived all possible usage to Pakistan and the United States.”

Here is the video of Bhutto’s assassination.

  1. Cursor_ says:

    And if you believe they have no backup plans…

    Well let’s just say I have hard boiled eggs smarter than that.

    Bhutto was never PART of the plan. She was being used to further obsfucate the ‘democratic’ process to continue to keep Musharraf under control.

    We don’t WANT a real republic in Pakistan. Because we KNOW the Taliban would be the governing body and they would then have Nukes.

    We need a dictator like Musharraf and so we have to make it APPEAR we are pushing towards a democratic solution to still remain the “Good Guy” in the world.

    So we play good cop, bad cop and Musharraf plays along so he stays in power.

    We did the same thing with Noriega, Baby Doc, Pinochet, Pot, Hussein, The Shah of Iran and Kei-Shek.

    Its all part of the plan. With Bhutto dead we can agree with Musharraf that there MUST be martial law to keep nukes out of the terrorists’ hands. I am sure we will eventually see some intellligence document soon that states if we don’t help Musharraf and keep control by all means necessary then Al-Quida will have nukes by the end of 2008.

    Its just a matter of time that they use fear again to get us to somply.


  2. Uncle Dave says:

    #1: So, you’re saying we probably sponsored the assassination?

  3. god says:

    The US has always supported regime change and assassination. Of course, the average American never heard of an elected president named Allende. In Chile.

  4. Ergo says:

    Well, it seems that Ms. Bhutto was not the clean, democracy loving gal that so many have come to know and love.
    Just another self serving “player”, Benazir Bhutto, possessing guile and duplicity, articulate speech, a hunger for power, great sums of money…much of it gotten via dishonesty and corruption, and in a position of great influence, could manipulate others to their own personal advantage and to the ultimate detriment of a great many unsuspecting people in Pakistan.
    Here’s another fly in the preparation H. It was written by Benazir’s niece, Fatima Bhutto, and appeared in the Los Angeles Times November 14,’07.

  5. Dallas says:

    I support president Bush’s belief that Bhutto died of a terrible ear infection.

  6. Named says:

    Bhutto, while corrupt through and through was also an opponent of US foreign policy and criticized the policy as fomenting terrorism. Gotta tie up those loose ends!

  7. Big A says:

    There were probably a lot of sighs of relief in Washington when she was assassinated. I don’t think we ever wanted Bhutto in power. We already gave a billion or so to Musharraf, and if Bhutto came into power she’d want a lot more than that. She was even a bigger crook than Musharraf. Better to deal with the devil you know (and already paid off), rather than have to scrap that plan and start working with someone new.

  8. What plan B ?
    So much for strategic planning !

  9. Awake says:

    Get prepared for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Mushareff looks more and more like the Shah, and the underlying social currents are leading directly to a fundamentalist revolution. Remember that one big problem for rulers is fundamentalism within their military.

  10. Awake says:

    As a follow up, this just in…
    Fundamentalist elements of the Pakistani Military killed Bhutto:

  11. jcj7161 says:

    The Pakistani magic bullet theory… was the lever on the sunroof… doesn’t matter as either the gunman or the bomb killed her……Government feeding lies to the press who print it blindly is what is wrong in Pakistan and the good old USA.

  12. Cursor_ says:

    We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again.

    The nations of this world all operate on one overriding ideal.

    The End Justifys The Means

    Our givernments are not above using all methods to attain the goals, even if they are distasteful, unethical, immoral or downright evil.

    Anyone that impedes their ‘vision’ will be dealt with one way or another. This with taxes and death we can count on.



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