From the club’s forum:

Avert your eyes! You’re violating Ford’s trademark by looking!

I got some more info from the folks at cafepress and according to them, a law firm representing Ford contacted them saying that our calendar pics (and our club’s event logos – anything with one of our cars in it) infringes on Ford’s trademarks which include the use of images of THEIR vehicles. Also, Ford claims that all the images, logos and designs OUR graphics team made for the BMC events using Danni are theirs as well. Funny, I thought Danni’s title had my name on it … and I thought you guys owned your cars.

I’m sorry, but at this point we will not be producing the 2008 BMC Calendar, featuring our 2007 Members of the Month, solely due to Ford Motor Company’s claim that THEY own all rights to the photos YOU take of YOUR car.

The publicity over this numskull action is taking off and pissing off Ford loyalists.

Ford is hurting; they have slipped to #4 in vehicles sold in the U.S.
My own informal research (browsing “The Web”) has pointed out that this action is costing them PLENTY in “Customer Loyalty”. In fact many staunch Ford supporters are now saying (paraphrasing), “If this is true and continues, I”m going to dump my (Mustang, F150 SuperCrew, 6.0 PSD, insert model name here) and buying a (Challenger, ’09 Camaro, Ram Quad-Cab, Tundra Crew-Cab, Cummins Turbo-Diesel, DuraMax Silverado HD, insert competing model name here) because they’re being @-holes!”

I repeat, Ford is now no longer part of “The Big Three”; having been supplanted by freakin’ Toyota and relegated to the #4 slot. They need to re-establish their position in order to not achieve “junk-stock” status. SOMEBODY at Ford has to figure this out – or at least listen to what their market is saying.

If not, well…..

  1. NappyHeadedHo says:

    Fucked On a Real Deal
    Found On Roadside Deserted

  2. ChrisMac says:

    Fucked On Race Day

  3. Rick says:

    So screw the Nazi loving , backward, wage-slaving piece of antiquated technology that is the american car! For DECADES the big 3 have owned the North American public and have spent significant amounts of money suppressing any improvements or technology that may affect THEIR bottom line! IMHO it’s about time for the fossil that is Ford to die.

  4. Degenx says:

    This reminds me of the time, Mad Magazine received a letter from George Lucas’s lawyers over a Star Wars Parody that appeared in Mad. The letter stated something to the effect of Mad illegally used their intellectual property and threaten a lawsuit. Ignoring the obvious 1st amendment protection, there was one other problem with this legal threat. See a few days earlier, Mad Magazine received a letter from George Lucas, stated he was thrilled Star Wars was in Mad Magazine and it was an honor to be satirized by the magazine. Needless to say they never heard from Lucas’s Lawyers again.

    To me this sounds like Ford’s legal department trying to justify their existence> I bet they have some sorta internal quota for number of cease and desist letter then must send out every month, so it looks like they are working.

  5. Matto says:

    First On Rubbish Dump

  6. Mazinger says:

    Good riddance. For all the crappy cars they make I couldn’t care less.

    Let see who hits the bottom first. Ford, Chrysler, GM, this competition is really heating up.

  7. JimD says:

    I bet the email the lawyer sent to the BMC website is ALSO COPYRIGHTED !!! I think lawyers even have copy-right notices printed on every sheet of toilet paper as well !!! Must safeguard their “Intellectual Property” !!!

  8. fomocona says:

    I monitor several automotive webpages on behalf of Ford and I hope you don’t mind me posting a comment here. The calendar issue was a misunderstanding and it has been resolved. Ford does not intend to alienate any enthusiasts clubs and that’s why we moved quickly to clear the air. For more details please see the Black Mustang Club official website We appreciate our loyal customers and Mustang enthusiasts such as the Black Mustang Club members.

  9. Ryan G says:

    Unreal how some companies act in such pathetic ways. The calendar is a homage to the Ford brand.


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