Click pic for more video goodness

Or if opulence is your thing, try this guy’s.

Anybody here have a spectacular or unusual setup? Post links to photos of your baby in the comments.

  1. Ah_Yea says:

    And I thought my Ipod was cool….
    (No links, why bother?)

  2. ladnerda says:

    Not as fancy as those two, but we love it!

    To follow through construction:

    To see finished product:

    Dave ladner

  3. gquaglia says:

    When you have a couple of extra million laying around, what the hell…

  4. JPV says:

    Thousands of children starve to DEATH every day yet the MORONS that run this site see fit to extol the virtues of decadence.

    This worthless planet can’t be vaporized quick enough, as far as I’m concerned.

    Mankind is complete and utter garbage.

  5. Read says:

    The home theatre on the link is incredibly vulgar. They really need some help.

  6. RBG says:

    4. JPV. “Mankind is complete and utter garbage.”

    Except you and me, of course. We gave up all our worldly possessions, including computers, to feed the children until they can can have lots of children that we can hope are vaporized.


  7. the Three-Headed Cat™ says:

    Thank you, RBG. It needed saying.

    Good intentions and emotions, taken to unnecessary extremes, interfere with logical thought.

    No matter what you or I do, there always have been, still are, and always will be, poor people. The children of Lake Wobegon cannot all be “above average.”

  8. the Three-Headed Cat™ says:

    …on the shamelessly decadent topic of home theater, the ‘Titanic’ number is the only one of that bunch where form doesn’t overwhelm the purpose of the exercise. One could actually enjoy a film there.

    Dave Ladner there, very nice. Tiered, plush, roomy seating is mandatory in any theater meant to be actually used. And you can’t do better than a Pio Plasma for bang-for-buck, but I do hope your plans for down the long and winding road include Runco projection… 🙂

    Before All Hallows I’ll be able to share my not-totally-despicable setup with like-minded decadent souls.

  9. BubbaRay says:

    What?? No Omni? How quaint. You’d think for $3M there would be something better than DLP projection.

    I’ll take the $1K VR glasses w/ surround headphones (if someone would hurry up and make ’em — isn’t this the 21st century?)

  10. Angel H. Wong says:

    Do these STRAIGHT geeks get ever laid? Only if they pay for it.

  11. Clark Lindstrom says:

    Is this Bill Gate’s house? If you go to, which installed this, they refer to this as “Evergreen Ultimate Theater”. Bill lives off Evergreen Point Road. Interesting.

  12. the Three-Headed Cat™ says:

    “Do these STRAIGHT geeks get ever laid? Only if they pay for it.”

    Angel? Word on the street is that there are actually straight women who find males with tastes for refined pleasures attractive. Go figure, huh? 🙂

  13. OmarTheAlien says:

    I thought it was all pretty cool. As far as the decadence of the thing is concerned, hell, there are guys that spend a whole lot more on fishing boats, race cars and/or coke habits. Talk about bang for the buck, I’m sure that someone has one of these goodies layed out in a porn motiff.

  14. Angel H. Wong says:


    Unfortunately though, Disney taught the world with their version of the Beauty & the beast is that you could be the ugliest MF in the world but if you own a castle there’s bound to be a woman smart enough to marry you.

  15. owen says:

    I’m more into the “less is more” school of thought


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