• Microsoft under continued scrutiny until 2009.
  • Cables cut in the Middle East.
  • Dell’s experiment with retail is over. 140 Kiosks closed.
  • New Tech and prosperity survey makes USA number one!
  • Microsft accuses IBM of screwing up OOXML scheme.
  • Consumers confused over switchover from analog to digital TV.
  • I finish with a take on domain “tasting.”

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  1. Lou Bix says:

    i went to a Dell kiosk a month after Vista came out. None of the laptops had Vista loaded on them. The home boxes did though.
    It was a lame effort by Dell and no wonder the kiosks are going to be gone.

  2. SitesCollide says:

    I have reason to believe this issue against OOXML has been going on for quite some time. I interviewed a guy here in Europe about this OOXML after he gave a presentation about it at a big tech conference and claimed he was a leader in a group against OOXML. The material I have is some video from the conference and some as yet un-aired audio interview with this guy and his associate talking about how they helped stop this format from becoming a “standard”.

    Please contact me if you have any interest in this at all…..

    Tyrel (in Warsaw, Poland)

  3. Judge Jewdy says:

    Which finger?


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