A quick fix for outdoor smokers

NIPPING out for a quick smoke is about to become even quicker. Philip Morris, the tobacco giant, is planning a “snack-size” cigarette for the smoking-ban age.

The compact cigarette will be shorter than existing brands but just as smoky: it will deliver the same potency while taking less time to puff.

Marlboro Intense is designed to appeal to employees who are forced to take quick outdoor cigarette breaks while at work, often in cold weather.

Oh, how thoughtful of them!

  1. Glenn E. says:

    I continues to amaze me how the tobacco industry can keep altering its product, in order to maintain its addictive hold on it users. And the US congress permits its existance as an uncontrolled substance. The Tobacco maker can’t argue that they’re cramming all the flavor of a regular cigarette into shorter burning time. Why not just make it into a piece of candy then? It’s the nicotine that they’re cramming into a shorter burning cigarette, not the flavor. And altering how much there is of THAT, is altering the natural levels of nicotine that were “grandfathered” as a legal product decades ago. They’ve already admitted to genetically altering the tobacco plants to boost the nicotine level 15% over the unaltered plant. And Congress was asleep over that. The industry will do everything except remove the nicotine from their product. Because they know that’s what truely keeps people hooked. Keeping in cigarette form, is all that keeps it from being regulated as a controlled substance. Or rather, keeps Congress from having to own up to its responsibility to make it so.

  2. Named says:


    The tobacco industry has admitted that they are not sellers or tobacco, but sellers of nicotine. Tobacco is their preferred method of delivery.

    Congress loves money, and so long as the tobacco companies pay into the necessary blood fund, everything will be just fine.

  3. Somebody_Else says:

    It’s your body, and the tobacco companies don’t force you to smoke.

  4. lou bix says:

    Who’s living forever anyway ?

  5. Judge Jewdy says:

    #19 said, “All you militant non smokers are just jealous of how fucking cool we smokers are.”

    Yeah, I wish I could cough up a lung and smell like shit all the time.

  6. QB says:

    Here is an amazing fact about Philip Morris. Of the original S&P 500 stocks that are still traded, Philip Morris (now listed as Altria) has outperformed every other stock, has had 50 fold better return than the market as a whole, and has averaged almost a 20% return.

    Recently they’ve put their litigation problems behind them and are surging once again. The company has not reduced it’s dividend in 50 years and the good times just keep rolling.

  7. old waterman says:

    They are moving this company out of the country so they will not have to put up with this kind of BS. I do not smoke but the last time I checked this was a legal product. We need to run more profitable ,tax payng,legal companys out of the USA. Anyone who says they did not know cigerettes are not healthy is a lier.

  8. pedro says:

    like latin american politicians & border crossers, it’s easy to blame someone else for our faults & mistakes

  9. TIHZ_HO says:

    #27 I agree, cigarettes are a legal product and smoking is regulated so why not market the product to better conform to regulations the user falls under?

    On that thought, why not have beer available in cans with an easily removable label so people can drink in public without having to fool with a paper bag. Makes sense…

    If smoking is so bad then make it illegal and be done with it – if not than shut up about it.

    Incidentally I don’t agree with no smoking in all bars and restaurants one bit! If you don’t like the smoke firstly, don’t work there, secondly don’t go there – PERIOD! The “Free” US is too over governed!


  10. TIHZ_HO says:

    #27 old waterman “Anyone who says they did not know cigerettes are not healthy is a lier.”

    You forget, Americans are inherently stupid, so it is required to have these warning labels and rules to accommodate the general wisdom of the average ignorance of Americans.

    Careful Hot Coffee may be Hot.

    Do not attempt to Iron clothes while wearing them.

    And so on…


  11. soundwash says:

    they’ve been selling “short” versions of various marlboro’s for over a year that i’ve noticed. (USA) i think some are called 72mm’s

    i don’t like’em at all. they’re reformulated
    to burn faster so they smoke even faster than you’d think. on top of that they are harsher on the throat and cost the same as the regular ones.

    i don’t know any other smokers that like’em either.

    i don’t know if these are the same as the ones mentioned above, but IMO, they wont be fast movers if the follow the same MO. (not that it matters to them)


  12. Tim Davis says:

    Unfortunately those cigarettes are not selling now.