The video is in German, where a white shark appears to have jumped into a boat full of German tourists. The incident happened in South African waters.

  1. geofgibson says:

    Puts a whole new spin on ‘Jumping the Shark.’

  2. JFStan says:

    This shark was obviously just paying his respects to Roy Scheider. 🙂

  3. sadtruth says:


    Look at that news anchor GODDESS!

  4. Cinaedh says:

    Mmmmmmmm! Germans!

  5. WmDE says:

    I wonder what chased it out of the water.

  6. McCullough says:

    How do you say “shark steaks for dinner” in German? Grilled, a lttle Teriyaki sauce……..num,num,num,num….

  7. Ben says:

    I think it got pulled up with the anchor line at the front of the boat. I thought I heard the word anchor in the video. The news caster was a dog but then again I like in Prague now so my standards may be higher then the norm.

  8. I’m concerned about why the shark appears to be somehow connected to the boat at the end of the video. Perhaps Ben is right about the anchor line. Perhaps they were shark fishing. Perhaps they harpooned it with what looks like it could be the butt of a spear gun in the hand of one of the people that walk out on deck. I hope the shark managed to get away safely.

  9. Personality says:

    That German dude had a ponytail!

  10. Gasbag says:

    Just when you thought it was save to go back in the water. They now jumping into the boat. Queue the double bass music.

  11. GetSmart says:

    Germans. The other white meat.

  12. joeEvil says:

    “In Soviet Russia, the shark jumps you!”

  13. James Hill says:

    Germans in South Africa? That shark must be a member of the NAACP.

  14. Ron Larson says:

    … we’re gonna need a bigger boat…

  15. pjakobs says:

    you think the tourists got the shock of their lifetime? Ask the shark!


  16. foo says:

    They were probably on a tour boat like this one:

    Where they go to Seal Island in South Africa where white sharks commonly jump out of the water at high speeds to catch seals.

    Seems more like a Darwin Award waiting to happen. “Hey, why don’t we get really close to huge eating machines that leap randomly out of the water? That’s a fun vacation!”

  17. Stopher says:

    They didn’t “jump the shark”, the shark jumped them.=P

  18. John Paradox says:

    Knock* Knock*



  19. amodedoma says:

    Now if only that shark were as big as Jaws, it would’ve been much more exciting.


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