A federal judge has said that consumers may go ahead with a class action lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. over the way it advertised computers loaded with Windows XP as capable of running the Vista operating system.

The lawsuit said Microsoft’s labeling of some PCs as “Windows Vista Capable” was misleading because many of those computers were not powerful enough to run all of Vista’s features, including the much-touted “Aero” user interface.

Neither of the two people who filed the original lawsuit participated in a program Microsoft devised to help people who bought new computers before Vista’s launch upgrade later to the new operating system, but they argued nonetheless that people who bought “Vista Capable” computers were harmed because they could only run a basic version of Vista.

The judge said if they added a named plaintiff who did take part in Microsoft’s “Express Upgrade” program, they could pursue that claim as well.

If you have participated in the “upgrade” and are unhappy – here’s the American Way to solve your problem.

  1. bobbo says:

    And what pray tell is the UnAmerican way to deal with this problem??

    Only 2 notions strike me:
    1. Become a jihad terrorist bomber in Redman
    2. Put up with whatever some international corporation dishes out and deem youself lucky.

    Which alternative, or a third one, are you thinking about?

  2. SJP says:

    #1 Well said.

  3. god says:

    Well, duh – if you haven’t done your homework, read reviews from people you trust, evaluated your hardware capabilities – (1) you might purchase the product from a source allowing a return and refund in a reasonable time; or (2) suck it up and stop whining.

  4. zybch says:

    A non-american reads a book and doesn’t quite understand it and says “I didn’t understand it, whats wrong with me”.

    An american reads the same book and doesn’t quite understand it, but instead says “I didn’t understand it, whats wrong with the author”.

    A lot of the Vista Capable stuff seems to be a direct result of dodgy computer makers like Acer slapping the sticker in PCs and notebooks that have specs that fall well under the minimum MS requires for Vista, all in the name of selling off their old stock for as much as possible.
    I’ve seen several Acer notebooks with only 512Mb of RAM (MINUS 64 for the video) and crappy 1.4Ghz processors with the ‘vista capable’ sticker on them. There is NO WAY these computers will give anything but a terrible experience to any poor sod who tries to put Vista on them, but its not really MS’s fault that Acer flat out lies about them being vista capable.
    However, The minimum specs for vista should have been quite a bit higher before stickers were given out, at least 1Gb RAM and a dual core CPU minimum.

  5. erik says:

    #3 sounds like the “old” American way. Like when conservatives believed in conservation instead of relying on xenophobia and liberals had the balls to challenge corporations instead of sucking up for a handout.

  6. FRAGaLOT says:

    I’m getting sick of people beating this dead horse. It doesn’t take a wizbang PC to run Vista. You don’t need a high end PC to do the majority of the things people use PCs for everyday.

    People are so fucking ignorant about PC performance issues, when it’s really a matter of faster performance to over come of poor software programming (i.e. vista).

    I can run Vista on a gig of RAM, on a old single core Athlon XP running at about 1.6ghz, with a GeForce 5 class video card. Nuff said, shut the fuck up already, save your high end PC for playing Crisis.

    That’s the only time you need a high end PC is for games, not running a fucking OS. Otherwise Mac OS X wouldn’t have gotten as far as it has especially before the Intel switch.

  7. FRAGaLOT says:

    I think the majority of PCs from the past 10+ years CAN indeed run Vista with the eye candy disabled. This is what Vista Basic is; for which I belive is what the minimum req are based from, since all version of vista can be dumbed-down to “basic.”

    Thus that’s why you see those stickers on damn near anything. Which is basically any Pc that can run Windows 2000.

    So you’re right you can’t blame Microsoft for this, it’s the manufactures and retailers for their liberal interpretations of the minimum spec requirements, and the retailers for being completely ignorant, and simply looking for their next commission sale.

  8. ECA says:

    10 years??
    You THINK a P3/Celeron with 64 megs, and a 16 meg video can run VISTA??

    and WHY would you want to run WINDOWS and not be able to RUN GRAPHICS??
    Might as well go back to Win3.11.

    so NOW, you are satisfied with Spread sheets, and word processors, and NO GAMES??
    Ok, fine, deal with it.
    But MOST people on computers WANT GAMES. The other stuff is fine, but look at STEAM, WOW, and other ONLINE games.
    Without the BEST features, WHY have a computer.

  9. jescott418 says:

    I certainly have been much more ripped off then what happened with the Vista capable Logo.
    It would be one thing if Microsoft did not have information on their web site about compatibility and hardware requirements. But they did. Don’t people read anymore?? Let’s just be stupid and sue!The rest of know why things cost so much. It’s because of the dumb asses of the world who fail to read the direction and get hurt,feel bad, or some other problem and instead of blaming themselves they blame a company. Yes, that’s the American Way!

  10. the answer says:

    Wah Wah Wah……..

  11. MrBloedumpSpladderschitt says:

    #6 – Wrong. If it can’t run Aero, it can’t run Vista. Actually hardly anything out there can run and OS decently. If I click on an icon and there is a perceivable delay between mouse release that the start of the application, the machine is too slow.

  12. DaveW says:

    Oh, what else is new. Microsoft and most other software companies have listed minimum hardware requirements that were woefully inadequate for decades now.

    The public should be used to it, but suing the bastards is not a bad idea either. It should have been done years ago!

  13. Juanita says:

    Acer class action. Clear case of product misrepresentation and delay tactics to wait out warranties (they tell you wait for driver updates) Well the last time I ran the Vista upgrade CD that ACER sent me on the laptop that is covered with stickers that say Vista capable it said (not drivers incompatible and this part of your machine will no longer work) it said flat out NOT COMPATABLE with Vista. So I called Acer (for 6th time since I bought Vista capable machine in 2006) they tell me this machine could never run Vista. What lawyer wants to handle this class action suit because I guarantee to get more than two people.


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