Last week I posted a story about Jill Simpson, a Republican operative who claimed Karl Rove had asked her to dig up dirt on then Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. The 60 Minutes piece ran last night, although it seems it may have been blacked out in some strategic locations.

The Huffington Post

Now, let me tell you what has been going on. As 60 Minutes was putting its show together, the White House put pressure on CBS — the parent company — to kill the show. Over the last few days, as word got out that the 60 Minutes show would air tonight, Karl Rove’s associates began planting defamatory stories about journalists working on this story (see example here) and attacking the whistle-blower who came forward, Dana Jill Simpson. If you recall, Ms. Simpson testified, under oath, to Congress about Karl Rove’s involvement in politicizing the DOJ. What you may not know, however, is that her house mysteriously caught fire and she was run off the road in the weeks leading up to her testimony.

What you may also not know is that Governor Siegelman’s house was broken into twice during his trial as was his attorney’s office.

Tonight was something truly unseen in US history. During the 60 Minutes broadcast and ONLY during the Don Siegelman portion — the screen went black for Huntsville residents and Mobile residents. There are other reports of other locations, but I have not yet confirmed those. In Florida, a series of strange ads were running about the FISA bill and how Democrats are not tough on terrorism, apparently during the 60 Minutes hour and also right before 60 Minutes, but not after (still trying to confirm when the ads stopped running). When reporters attempt to get this story out, they are threatened and smeared. When all else fails, the public is not allowed to see the news. Karl Rove may be gone from office, but he clearly is not gone from power. So long as his buddy, George W. Bush, continues to occupy the White House — what used to be a symbol of how a nation could both be governed and be free — we will continue toward abuse after imperial, no Soviet, abuse against us. That too is unacceptable.

Any readers in Alabama that experienced the blackout? Does anyone watch 60 Minutes anymore?

  1. GigG says:

    “When reporters attempt to get this story out, they are threatened and smeared.”


  2. Improbus says:

    A mere 329 days and this stain upon our country’s honor will be gone. Yay.

  3. JPV says:

    Ahhh… the destruction of America. Gotta love it.

    Thanks to all the ASSHOLES that voted this stupid piece of shit prick into office. I hope that each and every last one of you rot in hell for all eternity.

  4. JPV says:

    Improbus said

    A mere 329 days and this stain upon our country’s honor will be gone. Yay.


    Yeah? And then a new stain will appear.

    Get real already.

  5. argosfalcon says:

    How much of a surprise is it that covering up what might be a major story by local media would occur. America and its present leadership (including both parties) seems to be moving toward hybrid of a 50’s Latin American state and an Ann Rand, Orwell mash up.

  6. rhinodj says:

    So #1…of all the things said in the story, the only thing you mention is “When reporters attempt to get this story out, they are threatened and smeared.”


    Thats your only statement? And you base that argument on what? The sterling reputation of the Republican party and the Bush Administration? Youre right. People working for Rove would never do anything like this. He’s clearly an angel. Wake up and get your head out of Bush’s ass.

  7. Stu says:

    Why didn’t 60 Minutes tell about the house fires, threats, defamations and break-ins?

    The gutless media and the sellout politicians (both parties) make me sick. But nothing makes me more pessimistic than the dumbass sheep that willingly buy into the loss of their own freedom.

    At least the media and politicians have an excuse – they are making money from it.

  8. MikeN says:

    If this is true, I say kudos to the local media. Presumably they have a better handle on the situation, and figured out that this story is as bogus as the National Guard story they tried 4 years ago. The Democrats in Congress were interested in the governor prosecution, right up until this lady testified, and they heard it for themselves. If only Democrats had realized that Joe Wilson was a liar. Maybe they could have gotten to the bottom of all the lies coming from the Bush Administration instead of where Joe Wilson was leading them.

  9. MikeN says:

    So one of their main witnesses about the prosecution was a Republican turned Democrat in arizona. What would he know about Alabama’s prosecution?

    She says Rove met with her in 2001. ow at the time, depending on when in 2001 this meeting happened, the House was 220-215 Republican and the Senate was either 50-50 or 51-49 Democrat. Somehow we are to believe that Karl Rove’s political priorities were next year’s governor’s race in Alabama?

  10. BillM says:

    Any readers in Alabama that experienced the blackout?

    I guess JCD is editing out all of the posters that claim to have been affected by the “blackout”. Shame on you John!

  11. TIHZ_HO says:

    Gee the US is just like…Pakistan, China, Iran…when it suits.

    Perhaps its time for Americans to shut up and stop pointing fingers at other countries and start fixing their own shit first.


  12. Mister Catshit says:

    A lot of reports and conflicting explanations on why Huntsville blacked out the program. I haven’t seen anything about threatened reporters. I did come across about one blooger by the name of MikeN who had been caught again posting unsubstantiated crap.

  13. Jim W. says:

    and now for the rest of the story

    to plagiarize a phrase. 🙂

  14. JFetch says:

    Most of us in Alabama knew it was a smear campaign done to ruin the chance that Siegleman would get re-elected. The fact that this was blacked out shows how far they would go to keep people from finding out the truth about what happened.

    This goes farther than most know. Our governor in office now Bob Riley has had his name thrown around as a vice presidential candidate in the last 2 elections. He is the guy that ran against Siegleman when the charges were filed against him.

  15. Lou Minatti says:

    I wish John would post more. If I wanted to read Daily Kos I would go there. I come here for the geek tech stuff.

  16. Peterjhill says:

    As one might say in vi


  17. Ah_Yea says:

    Ok,I’ve gone to the store and bought a whole isle full of tin foil so I can join all the other conspiracy wingnuts on this blog.

    OR.. We can just see the obvious, that there was a technical glitch.

    Come on, children. Do you believe for a second that Karl Rove would be stupid enough to orchestrate a blackout of this broadcast, and in Alabama of all places?

    No matter what you think of Bush, Rove is one very smart guy.

    Not only would he allow the broadcast, but he would use it to his advantage. “Aw, the big bad left wing conspiracy is beating up on poor little me!”

    Notice that the article now states the according to CBS, that they were the source of the technical glitch? Of course the head wingnut Alexandrovna believes that Rove can influence CBS as well…

  18. peterjhill says:

    I don’t think that Rove was directly involved with the broadcast failure. I do think that Siegleman should be out of jail and Rove should be in Jail.

  19. Ah_Yea says:

    That’s better. Seriously! If all of you believe Rove to be the enemy, then stop thinking of him as a simpleton.

  20. MikeN says:

    Somehow people are quick to believe that this was a setup prosecution and that this guy was not a corrupt Southern governor.

  21. AL natve says:

    Money donated by Scrushy (Healthsouth scandal) get him a postion on a board that issues hospital certificates of need. Healthsouth to everyone’s suprise recieves the permit to build it’s hospital south of town (primo spot away from poorer inner city) where most of the white flight went. The left is doing what it can to help a Clinton like politician. The source of the story confuses dates and makes ridiculas accusations that 60 minutes neglects to inform you about.

  22. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    I live in Huntsville Alabama. I did not watch 60 minutes. But I do feel that Siegelman was railroaded. Everything about the prosecution and it’s timing was heavy handed and highly suspect.

  23. Geeky Huntsvillian says:

    The Huntsville CBS affiliate’s response:

  24. GigG says:

    #6 yes, a simple Bullshit is all this story deserved.

  25. Steve-O says:

    My damn light bulb burned out last night. It must have been Karl Rove because he is a genius at making things happen.

    Too bad some idiots believe that if something fails there has to be someone to blame. A transformer blows up it had to be [insert your least favorite group or person here].

    It is almost always the FSM. Get your shit together.

  26. soundwash says:

    i’m not familiar with the details, but the simple question is “who profits”? what was gained by keeping Siegelman out of office?

    as for the 60min piece.. no matter what the reason for the black out, it was probably by design. 60min hasnt reported anything with real substance for decades either..

    all the media in this country has been bought payed for for many, many years. they stopped reporting “real” news many decades ago. -esp when they made the hard switch to ratings/sensationalism driven news. its all for the most part, scripted. everything we see is by design. as a country we’re as clueless as ever as to whats really happening in the real world.

    I wonder what (if any) reaction there would be if that old movie “Network” from the 70’s was played during primetime on “all* the channels would be.. It was an eyeopener back then. -seen now, one could say it was prophetic.

    anyone who hasnt seen it, should rent it. it’ll give you pause and reason not to believe one f’n thing you watch on TV today to be sure.

    the writing on was the wall back then, now, we have the writing on billboards everywhere and still, it seems we’re as blind as bats.

    but hey, it’s still a free country(?) think want you want, while you still can.

    -what were we talking about again?

  27. Li says:

    Does MikeN and his other FirstnameL clones hang around specifically to regurgitate American Spectator crap at the drop of a hat? If you’re not getting paid for your yeoman’s work on behalf of the fascists, you need a hobby. Perhaps macramé.

  28. Colorado says:

    You should reopen this story with this added info:


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