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Thanks to Austin Flynn

  1. STEVE says:



    [Lower you voice Steve. – ed.]

  2. Mike Wills says:

    That picture is really old. I saw that a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong… it is cool

  3. Dallas says:

    Very cool. Is that Fort Lauderdale Beach in 2050?

  4. Improbus says:


    In 2050 you will need scuba gear to see Fort Lauderdale. LOL

  5. chuck says:

    The consensus is in – this is just more evidence of global warming.

    No further discussion is required. Or allowed.

  6. bcagle says:

    Where was this picture taken? For real.

  7. intlflynn says:

    @beagle- Geneva, Switzerland apparently.

    More here:


  8. MrBloedumpSpladderschitt says:

    That’s Honolulu is 2050. And they’ll be thankful for Global Warming because without it, that would have been 12 feet of snow instead of some ice.

  9. hhopper says:

    Check out the antenna on this car. Unbelievable!

  10. Mister Catshit says:

    #6, beagle,

    Some very high winds whipped spray off of the lake and onto the cars. If you notice, all the ice is on the lake side.

    Still damed impressive though.

  11. MrBloedumpSpladderschitt says:

    #9 – I’ve seen the first one many times. Never seen that one before. Cool – no pun intended.

    It would be really fun to be camping and have to ensure the tent is facing directly away from the lake so you could get out in the morning.

  12. apeguero says:

    That’s a lot of Global Warming going on in those pictures I tell ‘ya!

  13. Glenn E. says:

    It appears that both pics are from the same town and street. Just taken from different vantage points. You can see the same SUV in the first pic, that’s shown ice encased in the second. The white van seen behind it is probably the cameraman’s vehicle.

  14. JimD says:

    More amazing are the icicles hanging off the trees !!! Wouldn’t want to be around when they started dropping off !!!

  15. Bryan Price says:

    The problem is, that was the Florida coast at Jacksonville this morning! Those are freezing palm trees!

    OK, well not. But it did get below freezing here.

  16. Daniel says:

    #15 – I’m from Jacksonville… were you around in ’89? Everything did get encased with a very thin layer of ice causing the entire city to shut down.

    Winter a few years back I went home to see family for Xmas, and wore short sleeve t-shirts the entire trip during the day. Every time someone south of DC complains about the cold I have to laugh. You have no idea!

    Coldest winter I’ve endured was in Erie PA. Luckily I was only there a couple times during that winter. It gets pretty cold in NH where I live now, but even in single digits and below it doesn’t feel quite as cold without that lake wind.

  17. Brandon Bachman says:

    Ye olde stuffs.

    I’ve seen this image and… many others here

  18. Mister Catshit says:

    #17, Brandon,

    Maybe you have. I know I’ve seen these and related pictures before. That doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome or very “entertaining”. I’ve lived near a lake and know what spray can do.

    You don’t like, don’t look. If you have something constructive to say, welcome.

  19. Don Coyote says:

    Eternal Springs hope.

  20. Rick Cain says:

    We had an ice storm here awhile back. It was eerie in my neighborhood to hear every few seconds a tree branch cracking and falling off the tree, some of them were massive, landing on houses and cars.


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