1. Magnus Patris says:

    Yes, but do they have pizza?

  2. JPV says:

    Pfffftttt… just sounds like an ad slogan to me.

  3. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    They’re taunting me with their pizza, because they know I have none. They mock the pizzaless, and do not offer to share.

    “Neener neener, we have pizza.”

  4. thomas says:

    no shit?

  5. admfubar says:

    eewww pizza rut……..

  6. Mick Hamblen says:

    After having their buffet “pizza” years ago I call it false advertising. Putting mystery meat and near cheese on cardboard don’ cut it

  7. boru says:

    Perhaps the first use of ‘Department of Redundancy Department’ came from the Firesign Theater.

  8. becagle says:

    Pizza at Pizza Hut?

    What Next?

    Tacos at Taco Bell or Burgers at Burger King?

    For God sake, will the maddness ever end?

    Think of the children…

  9. BubbaRay says:

    [totally off topic]
    #7, boru, correct, Firesign Theater, “..the Department of Redundancy Department, and the Natural Guard.” Who said it?

    I’ll guess Principal Poop of Morescience High.

    Too many years ago.


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