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LOS ANGELES — An actor will have to properly serve several celebrities with a lawsuit if he wants to continue with litigation claiming he was hurt during a DVD promotion on a radio show, a judge ruled Wednesday. Perry Caravello filed the $10.5 million lawsuit May 31 in Los Angeles Superior Court, asserting he was injured when tricked into putting his penis in a mousetrap on Sept. 27, 2006. He is alleging fraud and negligence, and is seeking an accounting of fees.

But Jimmy Kimmel, his show’s warm-up comedian, Don Barris, and KLSX-FM (97.1) radio host Adam Carolla all maintain in declarations filed in connection with the suit that they were never served with a proper summons. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Judith C. Chirlin granted their motion to find that service was insufficient, but urged their attorneys to not make service an obstacle to the plaintiff. Caravello also sued Johnny Knoxville, who has so far not contested service. He alleges the comic told him he would receive $10 million just for complying with the mousetrap directive, but that the device unexpectedly went off.

“Much to his emotional tranquility and to his physical harm, (Caravello) was severely injured when the trap literally went on his manhood,” the lawsuit states.

Oh yeah, he was “tricked”. Now I get to say it…only in America.

  1. v says:

    Natural Selection: the process by which forms of life having traits that better enable them to adapt to specific environmental pressures….will tend to survive and reproduce in greater numbers than others of their kind, thus ensuring the perpetuation of those favorable traits in succeeding generations.

  2. framitz says:

    Anyone stupid enough to put their penis in a mousetrap obviously doesn’t know it’s intended uses and is better off without it. The human race is better off if that person can not reproduce.

  3. Pharaoh90 says:

    Of course he was tricked! How many times have you had your penis out and was obliging people by putting it in various places that they ask you?

    It would disturb your “emotional tranquility” too if you were expecting say a nice warm burrito and instead got a mousetrap.

  4. Mister Feline Feces says:

    It has happened to me on several occasions, it was no big deal. But then again, it was so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it.

  5. Mark T. says:

    I just happened to be checking this guy out a few days ago. Perry Caravello is to acting what Elmer Fudd is to hunting. The guy only has one oar in the water.

    He is the (mentally deficient) star of the strange docu-comedy movie “Windy City Heat”. The movie is basically one, long, drawn out practical joke played on Caravello by the movie creators Jimmy Kimmell, Adam Carolla, Bobcat Goldthwait, Dane Cook, and Carson Daly.

    Go to YouTube and type in “Windy City Heat” or follow the link:


    Caravello is the simpleton that is the butt of the joke. He has been convinced that he is the star of a Indiana Jones style film in which Goldthwait is the director. The movie is basically “The Truman Show” meets “Jackass” in which they torture and humiliate Caravello.

    This Caravello guy truly is mind bendingly gullible. I can see them convincing him to put his privates in a mousetrap.

    I wondered when a lawyer would get to Caravello and try to sue everyone involved. Maybe he will be the one laughing at the end.

  6. McCullough says:

    #5. Holy shit!!! I was at the Jackson Hole Film Festival a couple of years ago, and wanting to kill some time, my wife and I ducked into a theater and saw that film. I had no idea what it was about, and I knew that name sounded familiar when I posted this. Thanks for the mind jog….what an idiot!

    BTW, I thought the premise of the movie was pretty good, being the “star” was the only person who wasn’t in on the joke.

  7. Mark T. says:

    McCullough, glad I could be of service!

    Personally, I haven’t seen the movie. The clips on YouTube are sickeningly funny. I would feel more sorry for the guy if he wasn’t so cocky and obnoxious. To me, it reminds me of jocks torturing the slow kid in school.

    Care to give us a review?

  8. McCullough says:

    I’ll have to see it again, I remember it being pretty good for an Indy.

  9. admfubar says:

    oddly the cover of that film used for the article pic reminds me of the three stooges…….

    mousetrap huh??? i guess that is what he is embarrassed about..

  10. Phillep says:

    Yeah, I thought it looked like a 3 Stooges spin off, too.

    Anyone who really thinks “only in America” does not pay attention to what happens in other countries. A very provincial attitude, worthy of a Parisian.


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