Convicted Molester Claims He Was A Victim of Bigfoot
ABC 7 News

A man who claims that he was molested by Bigfoot as a child was ordered to serve 20 years in prison yesterday for his own molestation-related activities. Gene R. Morrill, 57, of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, had previously pleaded guilty in Stafford Circuit Court to 20 charges stemming from his efforts to solicit 13-year-old boys over the Internet. According to the Freelance Star, Defense Attorney Terrence Patton cited Morrill’s mental health issues in seeking leniency from Judge J. Howe Brown. Morrill reportedly told an investigator preparing his pre-sentence report that he had been sexually assaulted by the legendary Bigfoot. Patton said Morrill really believes the assaulted happened.

However, Morrill was determined to be mentally competent to stand trial. The judge also couldn’t have been impressed with Morrill’s criminal record, which includes a rape conviction involving a child in New Hampshire, according to the Freelance Star.

Should’ve stuck with the Twinkie Defense.

  1. MoparPower says:

    Bigfoot must be stopped, think of the children!

  2. DavidtheDuke says:

    Why doesn’t that guy have a beard?

  3. Jägermeister says:

    Bigfoot won’t rape him in prison… Bubba will…

  4. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    Does anyone else see a bit of resemblance between Gene Morrill and Bill Gates?

  5. John Paradox says:

    What’s his shoe size?


  6. TheGlobalWarmer says:

    Poor Sasquatch. If you can’t blame it on Bush, blame it on Bigfoot.

  7. zybch says:

    He kind of looks a bit like that asshole pastor Fred Phelps, go figure.

  8. Daniel says:


    Being raped by Big Foot would explain why Bill Gates is such a douche bag.

  9. SJP says:

    Could’nt have been that bad…he still refers to him as Big Foot.

  10. becagle says:

    looks more like he got ravaged by a rabid chipmunk…

  11. Pharaoh90 says:

    Poor Sasquatch. If you can’t blame it on Bush, blame it on Bigfoot. – TheGlobalWarmer

    Yes but Bush don’t exist. And Bigfoots is “legendary”.

  12. anonymous says:

    He’s either full of crap or has a mental disorder.

  13. Justice says:


  14. Greymoon says:

    How do we know it wasn’t the other way around. Anyone seen Bigfoot lately? He molested Bigfoot and hid the corpse, how do we know that didn’t happen? Nobody has seen Bigfoot for ages as far as I know.

    The mystery deepens.

  15. Teenaged Bigfoot says:


  16. The poor fellow looks very scared
    Was it the police intimidation tactics or the bad experience with bigfoot
    I guess that anyone can justify anything they want
    What will the poor kids ( who were the victims) say in their defence years later ?
    That he was an alien from the planet Zoltar ?
    Imagine the gossip

  17. the answer says:

    Bigfoot? The guy from the Howard Stern Show?

  18. Improbus says:

    He looks like he could be Big Foot’s love child … minus the hair.

  19. Bill Gates says:

    bigfoot didnt rape him, he raped bigfoot!!!!


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