• Look out April Fools gags tomorrow.
  • Apple ranked as most inspirational brand while Microsoft named “most stodgy.” Nailed it!
  • Yahoo new site called Shine aimed at the CHO — Chief Household Officer. Cripes.
  • Adobe warming up to Open Source, finally.
  • Look for original shows on XBOX. This could lead to IPTV?
  • Apple looking to 45 million iPhones a year? Yow.
  • Ice shelf story continues.
  • GTA for Nintendo DS? A bad idea.

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  1. John Paradox says:


    Henry Cho?
    Margaret Cho?
    Frank Cho?


  2. MotaMan says:

    Bichis ‘n CHO’s

  3. edwinrogers says:

    For what it’s worth, IPTV, is still IP2expensive.

  4. JimD says:

    What kind of Salary can we expect to pay the CHO ??? Well, just HAND OVER YOUR PAYCHECK, and hope she will give you an allowance !!!


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