Wacky Florida

Flying Sturgeon
A sturgeon leaps out of the water near an oncoming boat.


BAY AREA (Bay News 9) — A hidden danger for boaters is returning from the Gulf of Mexico back into the state’s rivers.

As gulf sturgeon return to the rivers to spawn, the ancient fish can create dangerous situations for people enjoying area waterways, especially boaters. Growing up to eight feet long and weighing as much as 200 pounds, sturgeons routinely leap out of the water.

It’s that leaping that has led to injuries and even death for people.

Last year on the Suwanee River, nine people were injured after encounters with leaping sturgeons. And another boater was killed in an accident while trying to avoid a sturgeon.

A killer Sturgeon waiting to pounce.

There are a lot of strange ways to get killed in Florida.

Thanks MJ

  1. zybch says:

    Its just their way of getting back at the species that slits them open to steal their eggs which rich snobs eat on stupid bits of tiny toast pieces.

  2. Improbus says:

    Don’t worry … they will make more [Floridians].

  3. kanjy says:

    Stupid sturgeons, everybody knows this: Look before you leap.

  4. chuck says:

    Clearly we must defeat the threat of the killer sturgeons. They have WMDs and we must attack them over there now before they attack us over here.

    Won’t somebody please think of the children!!?

  5. John Paradox says:

    The sturgeons are conspiring with the rays.



  6. newseamus says:

    If we don’t continue boating on these waterways…then the sturgeon have won.

  7. edwinrogers says:

    In Soviet Russia, people jump on sturgeon.

  8. KD Martin says:

    At least it’s not snakes jumping in the boat!

    Hopefully, this isn’t so old that everyone has already seen it.

  9. Mr. Catshit says:

    #8, KD,

    Nope, haven’t seen it. Loved it.


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