Michelangelo’s famous statute, David, returns to Italy this week after a successful 12 week, 20 city, US tour.

Found by John Markoff via Steve Jasik.

  1. SJP says:

    Somebody owes me some money!

  2. elitistsnob says:

    So he had to come to America to get a good meal?

  3. ijsbrand says:

    That picture is from an advertizing campaign, made for the German Olympic Sport Association.

    Message was: “If you don’t move, you get fat.” That motto was shown on the piedestal, not visible in the picture above.

    There’s also a fat Lincoln, in his Washington seat, from the same campaign.

  4. Balbas says:

    Venus de Michaelangelo

  5. DonTWC says:

    Oh. I thought it was cupid as a teenager…

  6. RTaylor says:

    It’s a cruel deity that gives a man a fat belly and a small penis.

  7. oil of dog says:

    #6 Freudian Slip?? 🙂

  8. JimD says:

    That’s what vegging out in front of the idiot box and stuffing your face with snacks and junk food will do to you !!! No wonder Americans are fighting the Battle of the Bulge – and loosing !!!

  9. Raff says:

    That looks like Artie Lang from the Howard Stern Show.

  10. Roo-meister says:

    Thats one fat Italian!

  11. Jim S says:

    #8 That’s BS, I look just like this and I don’t engage in either of the things you mention… the solution is much more complex than simply “not being lazy and stupid.”

  12. bobbo says:

    #11–Jim S==indeed, the solution may be more complex for a few, say 5%.

    On target for the other 95%.

  13. mike cannali says:

    Wasn’t this guy in “Supersize Me”

  14. Said says:

    I work with a guy that has a huge lunch muscle and I had a contest to guess when the last year he was able to see his penis. That Krispy-Kreme eating fat fuck had absolutely no sense of humor.

  15. Steve-O says:

    The statue looks like Micheal Moore only smaller.

  16. brendal says:

    Was Venus de Milo with him?? Now, that would be a pic I’d like to see!


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