1. thepenguin says:

    Finally my knitting skills will pay off!

  2. moondawg says:

    There’s something unsettlingly HOTT about that picture.

  3. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Looks like an online knitting virus.

  4. Borat says:

    We should demand that the ugly girls do this, and Hillary Clinton.

  5. JimD says:

    This will certainly PISS-OFF the Dept of Homeland In-Security !!! The MUST be able to read your screen as you type !!! Off with that TERRORIST COVER-UP DEVICE – OR ELSE WE ***TASE*** YOU !!! Ah ! Dumbya’s “Secure America” – the Founding Fathers would VOMIT !!!

  6. tPet says:

    When grandmothers go bad …

  7. RicoSauve says:

    humm… she’ll never see the perv behind her sneak his hand to her breast…

  8. The Pirate says:

    This is a shot about 30 seconds before everything burst into flames. We will miss young Shakia, she is a blob of goo now 🙁

    In other news Sony issues a warning.

  9. Balbas says:

    W**king gets serious now!

  10. Ron Larson says:

    Thats one way to view porn while waiting for the plane.

  11. dugzor says:

    Looks like something from Silent Hill.

  12. hhopper says:

    Hey guys, the Caption this Photo doesn’t come up ’til Friday. You’ve jumped the shark gun!

  13. tallwookie says:

    yep, my sentiments exactly #7

  14. Phillep says:

    A brain eating lamprey, disguised as a knitted sweater?

  15. Brandon Bachman says:

    Is she that ashamed? Also, she must be sweating her nose off! There’s gotta be soem sort of stick-on thin blind she could be using instead…


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